wire coming out?

I had my pm put in Aug. 3 and pulled the leads out a couple days later...had to have surgery again to put them back. All was fine till a few days ago when I noticed a white bump a little above the suture line. It looks like a pimple. I went for a routine visit to my cardiologist today and brought it to his attention. He said it is a wire from the pacemaker and could be a major problem if it breaks through the skin. I am scheduled to go back to the surgeon Sept. 17. Has anyone ever had something like this? Do you think it is okay to wait till the 17?


I think it'll be all right.

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-08-29 11:08:46

Hi Judy.

I've had my pacemaker for 3 years now, and I also have that little " bump " above the suture line. My cardiologist is aware of it, and assured me that the wire would not break through the skin.
So far, she has been right. I hope it stays that way, until it's time to replace the pacemaker.
You may want to reconsider, and wait before you go back for more surgery. Find out if it's absolutely necessary.
Good luck, take care,

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