Sleep apnea inspire device with PM

I have had my PM since 2018, with a clap shortly after. I'm considering having the inspire sleep apnea device implanted. Does anyone have one this device? Does it interfere with your PM?



by Penguin - 2023-09-16 04:46:10


There is patient information on the Inspire website and also a number to call / discuss your own situation. I had a quick read but couldn't find information specific to pacemakers - ring perhaps?

Also, I don't know how old your current PM is but the Microport pacemaker manufacturer (used to be called Sorin) design pacemakers which screen and monitor for sleep apnoea.  I have no idea how that function works but their website and products can be found here:

I hope you get some more direct answers from people with sleep apnoea.

Best Wishes


Sleep apnea inspire device with PM

by Running on Batteries - 2023-09-16 17:55:02

THank you , I have a cardo appointment in October I hope to find out more at that time as well. 

I just wondered if others also had both the PM and the inspire device installed.  

I am aprehensive to have surgery to install the apnea device howevr sure would be nice to be free of the make and hose attached at night.


Inspire Sleep Apnea Device

by Marybird - 2023-09-18 14:04:34

Running on Batteries, your question about pacemakers and the implanted sleep apnea device made me curious about them, so I searched around to see what might be said on the topic. I recall TV ads about the Inspire maybe 6 months to a year ago, where the disclaimers at the end of the ad included a statement about the thing being contraindicated in patients with ICDs or pacemakers.

But more recently,, I saw a statement on the SleepFoundation website, included at the end of one of the FAQs about the Inspire,, "Can I get an MRI if I have the Inspire". In one sentence at the end of the paragraph answer to the question, it stated that "Those with pacemakers are not necessarily excluded from getting the Inspire". 

That is the only reference I was able to find about the Inspire and pacemakers, nothing at all on the Inspire website. This would definitely be a question to bring up to your cardiologist, and a pulmonologist, I'd think, and I'd think the answers might vary, and depend on variables with the patient. 

Inspire Sleep Apnea Device

by Running on Batteries - 2023-09-18 15:55:49

Thank you Marybird.

The brouchure I received indicated it does work well with pacemakers.  I appreciate your advice / information. It is somthing I am considering doing.  However it is surgery I am aprehensive to do that, however being free of an attached hose to my head at night would really be nice.

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