Recalled Medtronic Devices Attesta And Adapta Vs Latest Medtronic Azure and Advisa SureScan MRI Devices

HI all, am new here and posting for someone else. They currently have a Medtronic Advisa pacemaker installed in 2012 and due for a replacement. They are quite senior at age 84 & based in India.

After some research online noticed reports of Medtronic's recall in 2019-20 about certain models such as Adapta, Attesta, Solara, Astra, Serena etc so, was a little concerned. I know we're in 2023 but have the bugs in the software for these models been sorted out? There's no update on the Medtronic website. Any general views on these devices would be appreciated.

Also, the latest models from Medtronic namely, Azure/Advisa SureScan which are apparently designed to be 1.5T and 3T MRI compatible are also touted to have longer battery life. Do these devices make sense given all checks will be conducted at a hospital or clinic anyway? 

I understand all these will be discussed with the electrophysiologist in detail but was interested in knowing what people's experiences were with any of these models and any anecdotal evidence worth bringing up with the doc. 





by Tracey_E - 2023-09-14 14:33:57

I wouldn't be concerned about past history of recalls. All of the manufacturers have had recalls over the years. Most of the ones recently were simply software updates, not true recalls as in let's get that out of you. My current Abbott has had 2 recalls, both were fixed with a software update. 

The differences between most of the devices are minute and a question for your doctor. You want the one your doctor knows inside and out since they'll be the one programming it. They are only as good as the programming.

For most people, literally any of them will do the job well. The exception is people who will need the pacer to get their rates up for them on exertion who like sports with minimal chest movement such as cycling and swimming. 

Medtronic ....... the market leader

by IAN MC - 2023-09-14 15:05:30

More Medtronic pacemakers are fitted worldwide than are any other make . As market leader  there is no way that Medtronic would continue to supply pacemakers with any known software problem.

I had a Medronic Advisa fitted in 2011, and last year , 2022 ,had it replaced with a Medtronic Azure MRI Surescan .  The slight increase in expected battery life is a benefit  as the fewer pacemaker replacement procedures the better but ,  the latest model is marginally bigger than the previous one. I believe this is mainly because of the bluetooth feature which makes remote monitoring possible.... again a benefit !

I was not affected in any way by product recalls but as Tracey says they give little reason to be concerned

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