thanks and a question

First time to the site as I was diaganosed and pacemaker fitted 2weeks ago all within 6weeks (what a shock!) Having now read so many different letters on so many subjects, I needed answers to. I would like to say thank you and how very reassurring it is to have so many people going through the same worries and having someone to help give you an answer that knows what it feels like.I live in U.K drive an auto car when is it safe to drive again there seems to be a bit of confusion. Look forward to reading more useful info as and when I might need it.



by auntiesamm - 2007-07-26 08:07:18

Hello and Welcome Tracy - You are fortunate to have found this great website. It will provide you with very caring, supportive new friends with cardiac devices from all over the world. I got my pacemaker in May 06 as an emergency. Went home the day after and drove my car 2 days later. No one told me I couldn't drive and I figured I was a much safer driver with the PM. Without it I could have blacked out and caused an accident! Your doctor is the one though who should tell you when it is okay for you to drive. Good luck and God bless you.

Oops! Welcome

by hooimom - 2007-07-26 10:07:20



by hooimom - 2007-07-26 10:07:45

Many of us had to make quick adjustments to a pacemaker. This is a great site for information and support. How are you feeling?

I was told not to drive for 6 weeks. My doctor was pretty cautious about lifting the arm for the entire six weeks though. I have heard others who have only had to wait 4 weeks. Luckily my 17 year old son was around to be my private driver so it wasn't a huge deal.


You're not alone...

by paf - 2007-07-27 06:07:45

I too had to have a pm installed on what I thought was a fast basis - 3 weeks. The recovery was harder than I had expected, but all in all, went fine. I drove again in about 10 days. But I had the pm put on the right side because I am a commuter to downtown Houston and figured the seatbelt it would be uncomfortable. I did buy one of the soft covers from the website here for when I am the passenger and it is very comfortable. I recommend it.
I've wondered if others have had to struggle mentally with it too. It's a lot of take in! I was initially thrilled that it was verified that the way I was feeling wasn't just my imagination, then some complications at the hospital - a lead didn't stay in place and I had to go back in the operating room, and just adjusting to the life-altering situation of the pm and medication.
Sorry to ramble on, but hope others relate.

strange feeling

by tracybroughon - 2007-08-21 11:08:24

Having had my PM in for 4wks now everything seems to be fine, doctors all checked it, clinic checked it, so why do l keep getting this strange feeling, l can only describe it as the way l used to feel before l would blackout, swimming head then a hot sweat up my neck and round my ears followed by a sick feeling. All this lasts about 3/6 seconds, is it anxiety as so many of you all seem to have suffered. l dont take any medication but wonder if l should, even if its just herbal. Reading alot of your comments l realise that it is also going to take a bit of time to get used to it. l have spoke to the doctors they all seem to think l'm over sensitive. Had one of these feelings yesterday but worse than normal took myself to A&E,several hours later after blood tests, ecg, blood pressure, temperture, life history couldn't find anything wrong so home l came feeling exhausted. Tracy

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