PM automatic transmission

I have a Medtronic Azure and every three months it automatifcally sends a report transmission back to the homeland.

Today is the day for this third such transmission.  Never paid any attention to the two "sucessful transmissions" in past six months.  This one, however, seems to be 'stuck'.  It keeps up with the correct time and says it's "active."

Just wondering, if and how much battery power this transmission takes.  Just seems it would send info in a 'burst' and not take all day.  It's possible the other two did the same thing, but I  didn't check them.

Anybody have this issue???  Or maybe it's not an "issue".  


automatic transmission

by new to pace.... - 2023-09-06 13:05:59

I have the same  pacemaker.  Mine sends nightly and the quartely, which i think is the same time around midnight..  One time i questioned the time on it as it was not the same as the tranmission time.  Was told once it is done sometimes it has to wait for a time slot to send.   You can go on the Medronic carelink site and see when your next transmission is sheduled and when the last one was done.  I have mine set up to send me an email as to when it was done. 

Then i contact my pacemaker clinic to ask for a copy of the log events and summary.  As it is too many pages to print up(59), plus i do not undersstand all the graphs.   Then go to their office and pick up the results.  The Pacemaker Clinic's computer is not attached to the main computer.   Also my have it set up to send to my sister., hers is by text.

new to pace 

New to pace

by docklock - 2023-09-06 14:10:07

Thanks for the comeback.  Last transmission was three months ago and next is scheduled for today. 
Didn't think about it may be waiting for a time slot to send.  Like I said it's keeping current time and says it's "active".  
If it doesn't go thru in a day I'll start looking into it. 

New to Pace

by docklock - 2023-09-06 14:37:00

I was reflecting on what you said about waiting for a time slot.  I think the PM just connects with my phone's Medtronic app via Bluetooth, sends the info to app and it's the app that's waiting for a transmission time slot. 
Somehow I got it in my head the PM itself kept trying to send transmissions.  
Thanks again. 

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