Is it true that when I am hiking up a steep hill my pacemaker slows down because I have reduced my pace and my steeps are slower?



by Penguin - 2023-09-06 12:06:33


I read in your bio that you have bradycardia and are having trouble with exercise since having a Medtronic device implanted. Is that right?  Rather than answering your question directly I'm going to ask a few more questions: 

Question 1) have you been diagnosed with chronotropic incompetence?

This diagnosis is quite common alongside bradycardia and it roughly means that your heart rate doesn't increase enough when you exercise e.g. when hiking in your case. 

Question 2) if you have chronotropic incompetence do you know whether or not you have a setting called Rate Response programmed on your pacemaker? 

If Rate Response has been programmed it will increase your heart rate when you exercise and can be adjusted to the right level for you. The trigger for Rate Response on Medtronic devices is movement / vibration via sensors.  This setting should help you when hiking. ( It may help if you maximise upper body movements - swing your arms for example.)


At the top of this page there is a looking glass icon which brings up a search box. If you put Medtronic Rate Response in there you will see previous posts on this subject. Many people have posted previously about the efficiency of Medtronic's rate response setting relative to different types of exercise and when carrying out minor activity such as climbing stairs. 

Alternatively wait for the comments from Medtronic owners directly on this thread. I'm sure one will be along soon. 



by Tracey_E - 2023-09-06 18:39:21

If you depend on the pacer to get your rate up on exertion, it's possible that a slow hike isnt enough to trigger the rate response, which is how the pacer knows it needs to go faster. Have you checked your rate when you are feeling tired? 

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