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I contacted ABBOT LABS regarding my experience . The rep had no concrete information regarding what the cause could . He stated there were too many variables to even speculate as to the cause of my problem. I want to mention I had a strong magnet that is used to disable unnecessary shocks that might come while on my mower . The reason for this started last Easter morning I was urinating when I got a shock unexpectedly I had just taken my BP and all was well.  The shock I received  I was received was not warranted. I yell to my wife,go downstairs and get my welding magnet. As soon as she got it to me I placed it over the device to disable the shohs .It worked, Then I removed the magnet to see if I had diagnosed it correctly . Then the shocks started again. Put magnet over the device and called 911. Paramedics arrived,I told them do whatever you have to but you're not removing this magnet .Later Rep  from St.Jude reprogrammed the device to eliminate the shock next day I had a new unit implanted.This is the reason I always have a magnet with me in all my cars and in my house .

Getting back to my problem Emf vs. Vibration,I plan to drive my mower very slowly to eliminate the vibration aspect. I also plan to purchase a silver-infused T-shirt .I will keep you all informed. Geo



by dwelch - 2023-08-27 02:13:34

Intentionally disabling the device that is there to save your life, is not a great idea.   You should limit the use of the magnet for the trip to the emergency room, warning the driver that if you pass out to remove the magnet immediately.

The doctor nor the pacer company are able to tell you anything you can use.  Back when they could I was able to get real answers, now they cant possibly help.  Their stock response will be to avoid whatever the thing is you fear, even if it has zero basis in medicine.  

A few seconds of googling shows 5 gauss as safe.  Remember it goes like the surface of a sphere so one over the distance squared times four times pi.  At two inches it is a quarter the strength, four is one sixteenth, by the time it gets to your pacer not counting interference from your body and the seat  it is what 1/400th?  give or take so it would need to be 80 gauss at one inch, yes?

Interesting article on emf in a tesla...measured in milligauss (clearly not a problem) even when charging (sitting on a large battery box larger than the mower).

Looks like meters can be had for a few hundred bucks.  Not sure what it costs to get a metrologist to come out, it is a mobile buisness model so cant hurt to ask.

Wearing a faraday cage is just going to contain the radiation within your body yes?  If it is truly from an alternator under the seat?

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