I am about 7 weeks post implant. Today, for the first time, I tried a couple of press-ups. Stopped when I felt sharp twinges in the vicinity of my PM box.

Not sure if there is still something not quite healed in that vicinity, but a bit nervous now about resuming this exercise: pre-implant, I used to do about 30 every morning.

Is there any general advice on press-ups, or any advice not to attempt them?


wait a bit

by Tracey_E - 2023-08-24 09:52:50

It took 3-4 months until I could do all of the moves I did before without twinges. If something doesn't feel right, wait a week and try again. Start easy, know that workouts are going to aggravate it for a while. Scar tissue will build up around the box and make it more numb, but that takes time. Ice helps. 

You are not in any danger. By now your leads are in tight. This is just scar tissue and your body being cranky about having a piece of metal. 

Listen to your body and you won't go wrong

by Gemita - 2023-08-24 11:15:12

Repero, so nice to hear that you are pushing yourself to your limits already.  You must be feeling better.   

Although a good sign that you want to do more, I would listen to your body if you start to feel discomfort.  I am sure at 7 weeks you won’t do any damage, but there is no need to do more than you feel comfortable with.  Gradually build up your workouts.

Perhaps try gentle arm stretching exercises, or pushing against a wall exercise so that your body won’t take your entire weight. 

You will soon get back to what you love, but start slowly and safely and make "consistent" progress.  Hope otherwise you are doing well with your pacemaker?

Progressing well

by Repero - 2023-08-24 11:26:35

Thank you Gemita and Tracey_E for your sage advice.

Feeling pretty normal now, thanks, apart from the odd complaint received from my left shoulder! I think this is maybe an awkward period when one feels normal and is tempted to crack on, but, as you say Tracey_E, your body still has some reservations! Will try to keep calm and patient

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