Any pilots in here?

Hi, just wondering if there are any active pilots with a pacemaker? I am getting ready for my check-ride, and now looks like things are on hold. Just wondering if you put in for the waiver, and are now cleared to fly?



by AgentX86 - 2023-08-15 11:22:40

I'm not a pilot but IFAIR, the problem is with ICDs, not pacemakers.  I think even commercial pilots can fly with a pacemaker.  ICDs, no.  If it fires at the wrong time, really bad things could happen.  If the underlying problem that requires a pacemaker goes sideways, really bad things can go down.  A web search should find the information you need. But, check with a seach and in particular with the doctor who signs off on your health.


Bionic Flying

by Stache - 2023-08-16 23:51:02

To get the correct information you can telephone the flight surgeon in the region you live.  I live in California and the flight surgeon is in Los Angles.  You can contact the local FSDO FAASTeam OPS they can hook you up with the right person to talk with.  Or you can contact CAMI in Oklahoma City directly.  Just Google FAA flight surgeon or CAMI.  I am a retired FAA inspector (maintenance).

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