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What is your pacemaker pacing setting if you have been diagnosed with brachycardia?



Welcome biggreen!

by Lavender - 2023-08-03 15:37:34

My pacemaker is 2 and a half years old. At first it was set 70-120 but in about five weeks they set it 60-130. 

Pacemaker settings

by Gemita - 2023-08-03 15:55:03

Hello Biggreen,

The pacemaker setting for bradycardia is very individual for all of us, depending on our age and other factors, like a heart condition which may require a personalised lower and upper setting to keep you safe, or personalised settings to help you to exercise to your full capacity.   For example my pacemaker lower rate setting is set at 70 bpm and my upper rate is set at 130 bpm.  The upper rate is a standard setting, whereas the lower rate of 70 bpm is slightly higher to suit my electrical disturbances (arrhythmias).  My lower and upper rate settings have not changed in 5+ years of pacing.

Welcome to the Pacemaker Club.  Would you care to tell us about yourself?  I see your Bio is empty and you do not appear to have a pacemaker?


by AgentX86 - 2023-08-03 22:59:27

Bradycardia simply means a slow heartbeat, technically under 60bpm.  Tachycardia is the opposite, and means a heartbeat above 100bpm.  These are the definitions but there is a lot of room in the Bradycardia end.

Bradycardia (and Tachycardia, for that matter) can be caused by any number of different things, which will dictate different pacemakers and modes. Pacemakers are only a solution for Bradycardia and again, technically. "fixing" Bradycardia is all  they do.

Bradycardia and pacemaker settings

by UkeGirl - 2023-08-05 15:40:26

Hello, I'm new to the Pacemaker Club.  My pacemaker was implanted 6 weeks ago after my loop recorder noted a 12 second "pause" that caused me to faint.  It is currently set at 60 bpm and 130 bpm. I go in for my next meeting with the electrophyisologist in October. I've been diagnosed with bradycardia, symptomatic PVCs, syncope and palpitations.  I also have PACs.

My heart rate jumps up in the 90 - 120 bpm range when I start physical activity such as walking upstairs, starting my daily dog walk and so forth then it calms down. It didn't do this prior to my pacemaker. I have an Apple Watch so I'm able to track it.  I walk about 5 five miles per day.  I'm on 240 mg of Diltiazem in the morning and 120 mg of Acebutolol in the evening. When I have strong palpitations or ectopics, chest pain sometimes results that my cardiologist deemed "non-cardiac chest pain" and he prescribed 20 mg of Pantoprazole daily for that.  I had chest pain frequently (nearly daily) and this has improved after my pacemaker was implanted.

I'm curious if others have experienced an unexpected change in heart rate with moderate exercise post-pacemaker? Chest pain?

Thank you! I'm learning a lot from this group!

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