Fast exercise? Out of shape or heart

I be honest I'm overweight,  I don't understand why when I do exercise and start slow n work my way up ..I have no issues breathing or anything at all , but why ? Last night I went to gym late and I started running 🏃‍♂️ for like 1 minute..the problem was once I stop running I had issues catching my breath heart pulse fast , which I assume is normal but honestly I felt like I had breathing issues but after deep long breathing n a few coughs everything slow down n I was back to is my overweight,? Stamina or my pacemaker not keeping up ? Or panic ? 


any of those

by Tracey_E - 2023-07-21 08:57:30

Running is a lot more exertion than a warm up. My rate jumps up pretty quickly when I switch from walk to run. No amount of training has gotten me to where I can run nonstop. I always do walking intervals to bring my rate down.

How high is high? Have you had a stress test to figure out your target and limits? If your rate is high, then it's you not the pacer. 

When I breath deep and end up coughing, that's asthma and I use my inhaler. I know it will happen every workout so I use it preventatively 15 min before I start. Talk to your doctor, they can do a pulmonary function test in conjunction with a stress test. That's how mine was diagnosed.

If you are out of shape and getting started back to exercise, it might be good to have a chat with your doctor and get some advice on how much is too much. But in general, start slow! It took a while to gain weight and get out of shape, it's going to take some time to get it back. Overdoing it causes injuries and burnout. 

running with pacemaker

by just - 2023-07-21 09:27:08

The first few minutes of running is when you will struggle the most. Running for years and still sometimes I don't think I will be able to keep pace after one lap in, but then most of the time my body adjusts to the oxygen need of my muscles. But not always sometimes -- maybe I ate too soon before running or am tired--and I can't catch my breathe.

BUT it did take a while to get my pacemaker adjusted to my running since it has to use movement and impendence to tell your heart how fast to beat. Initially they set my pacemaker max to 140 which wasn't high enough so I had trouble running and would be out of breathe. Then they raised it to 160 worked better but my heart rate would sometimes spike to 200 and the tachycardia would also leave me gasping for breathe. Turns out that was pacemaker induced. The pacemaker was set to increase hear rate too rapidly -- so they slowed down how fast it can climb to 160. Now it seems to work pretty well. 

But running will leave you out of breathe, especially if you are overweight. 

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