Sleeping position

Hi, I had my ICD placed Friday las week, having issues sleeping because I naturally sleep on left side, is it bad to sleep in that side now after 9 days? 


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by Gemita - 2023-06-19 02:05:24

Cleon, good quality sleep is so important and I feel you should sleep in any position that enables you to feel more comfortable unless told otherwise.  I couldn't sleep comfortably on the side of my pacemaker for several weeks, at least not without pillow support to cushion my device.  If you experience any "pulling" on the stitches or wound, or other uncomfortable sensations, then just move into a position that feels more comfortable.  Position yourself according to comfort level and you shouldn't go wrong.

Just continue to watch your wound and to follow any after care instructions given to you on discharge from hospital.  I hope your ICD stays quiet but will give you peace of mind that it is there if and when you need it.  

sleeping position

by new to pace.... - 2023-06-19 08:06:36

I found that sleeping in a recliner for the first couple of weeks until i healed. Never was a left side sleeper as was told early on in life it was not good to sleep on my heart.  Then follow what Gemita said above.  That said i now  can after 4 years can sleep more on my left side, never used a pillow.

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by Lavender - 2023-06-19 09:54:47

Wow with a birthdate of 1873, you should be sleeping a lot. 🤣😉

I am a left side sleeper.  My pacemaker is on the left. I couldn't sleep on the left anymore for about 18 months. Everyone is different but my experience was that my heart felt like it was stressed and the pacemaker seemed to be poking into my body on that side. 

Pillows help. I'm tucked in so that I can lean into a pillow. I'm sleeping on the left more but not all night. I have retrained to be a right side sleeper. Inevitably, I roll onto my back and in a sleepy daze lean onto the left but only with pillows cushioning me. 


by Cleon - 2023-06-19 15:17:16

Thank you!!!! I am able to sleep on that side of with the pillow support.... I was just worried aboht the leads.... but all appears to be ok..... appreciate the support.... 

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