Moving pacemaker

I had a pacemaker implanted May 24 th this year 2007 , since the first week It turns up when I lay on my right side.I have to push it back in place. The doctor said it would probably be O.K. It stays some what sore. has anyone had this problem?


I have read old posts...

by queen_beez - 2007-07-21 02:07:26

abot this subject so if you do a few searches I am sure you will find answers. I got my pm in jan07 and the pain still has not gone away. My skin is thin and it is possible that the site simply cant handle the unit. I may need to have it relocated. As for the pocket,that is normal. When they implant the PM the surgeon makes a "pocket" to hold the PM. After some time the tissue will heal up and hopefully the pm wil stay in the pocket your body heals around to make.

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I, too, am feeling tons better since my implant.