Unanswered question by Dr.

Hello all,
I went this week for my every-couple-of-months check in with my doctor. I had my pm installed in May of this year. I have tachy-brady syndrome. I'm becoming unhappy with my doctor because he isn't giving me answers when I ask. I asked this visit if I could get a full interrogation to learn how much/often my pacemaker is working for me. He asked me why -- that "curiosity killed the cat." What kind of answer is that? I just meekly said, I would like to know. I didn't even know what I'm set at. His assistant told me I'm set at 60 and she is also the one who told me the name of my condition. He has also told me to just forget I even have it and go about my normal life.

I guess I've gone about this backward. Looking back, I think I've been in shock about the whole deal. The doc is kind and highly recommended by my regular md, but don't we deserve a straight answer? We're the ones walking around with a hunk of metal and wires in our chests.

Any advice if I should ditch this doctor and find one that listens. Looking back at what I've just written, I guess it is pretty clear, isn't it? I look forward to any moral support you can give me.

Patsy in Houston


Unanswered question

by Vai - 2007-11-16 01:11:03

This is a suggestion. When you go for your regular "every-couple-of-month" check-up, your PM would have been interrogated. That is the report that the tech would give to the doctor. Just ask the tech to print a copy for you. You are entitled to the report. You paid for the interrogation services.

For me, the tech normally print out the important parts and summary of the report (not the whole deal normally given to the doctor) for you. The tech normally explains some of the information. However your doctor may find it unnecessary to have to explain the report to you in layman's terms in detail. My doctor spends more time asking me questions how I feel often citing specific days & times. Those questions often probe effects of medication, occasions where he can see the heart in distress on the interrogation report print-out, or where the PM was firing away. I feel that it is important to answer those questions correctly so he can prescribed the proper settings and treatment.

Get to know your PM and your heart, but also live life to its fullest joy as this is a second lease in life. Don't be too worried about the little gadget in your chest.

support for you

by gingernic - 2007-11-16 10:11:21

Dearest Patsy, just reading your post made me upset for you. I am a Nurse. All patients are to be treated with respect and dignity. My opinion is you need to get a new Dr who will answer your questions and not treat you in the way he did. It's your body and if it were me ( I have an aunt with a pacemaker) I would'nt be satisfied until ALL my questions were answered by him or his staff. The old saying goes "There is no such thing as a dumb question" although some folks get on their high horse sometime. Please take care and get a better Dr. obviously he doesnt care enough for his patients, and at this rough time in your life, you need a Doc who will listen. Hugs, Ginger


by hooimom - 2007-11-16 10:11:54


Some doctors have amazing skill and little "bedside manner". I really don't think most doctors understand what an adjustment a pacemaker is for us. Next time you go in be totally honest with your doctor. Tell him or her that you need answers to your questions to feel more comfortable with your condition and your pacemaker. If this doctor can't understand that, then it might be time to find one who can.

I must admit that some appointments are better than others with my EP. I think they can have a busy or bad day but when it is most or all of the appointments, it is time to look elsewhere. You deserve and need answers!



by jessie - 2007-11-16 10:11:59

absolutely! you need answers and no question is stupid or should be. so go back is my advice and ask the same questions and say that you would like answers not a brush off. this is our life not theirs. take care good luck jessie

This is sad

by Christmmpace - 2007-11-16 12:11:50

Hello Patsy,

I think your having what I've been through or all of us have in the past. Sometimes we need answers that are warm and comforting. You have to remember that Doctors are real people too. They have their good days and their bad ones as well. I won't just give up on him quite yet. Take care and if you ever need support, just come to your comforting home here at the pacemakerclub. I hope and pray for your future to have a great outcome.

P.S. I know what your going through and I know it can be a bit confusing. Hang in there and try telling your Doctor how you feel about his answers. You'll be surprised of how he respond.


Getting a Report

by ElectricFrank - 2007-11-24 12:11:02

I'm not up on Texas laws regarding medical records. Here in California the patient has an absolute right to a copy of all records. I have a Medtronic pacemaker which at each checkup produces both an Initial Interrogation and Final Report. The Initial gives all sorts of good information on battery life, lead changes, upper and lower heart rate limits, a count of the number of PVS's since last checkup, etc. The final will also tell what changes were made in settings at this checkup.

My checkups are done by a Medtronic rep and he has never questioned my request for the printout. I can understand a doctor not wanting to spend a lot of valuable time going over every detail of the report, but there are several of us on this site that can help.

I suggest writing the doctor a letter before your next appointment requesting the report. I usually add a statement that unless I hear otherwise I assume he agrees. If not he is to contact me so I can find another doctor who will.

I fired my Dr.

by OIMAPRINCESS2477 - 2007-12-19 12:12:53

I know what your going through. I had a cardiologist that everytime i asked him a question he would raise his hand in a gesture to stop me. There was one time where he prescribe a 30 day loop recorder and i told him that i was allergic to the adhesive and that it would rip my skin off and scar and he told me oh well the scars would eventually fade. Then the spot where the pads were became infected and blistered and he told me to deal with it. So I found another doctor that is amazing. He helps me understand what is wrong with me and he answers all my questions with out acting that im a problem. If you are not satisfied with you doctor id recommend that you find another that you are comfortable with and that answers all the questions you have.

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