Funny feeling in throat & chest

New to the club. I just had a dual lead PM implanted on 05/01/23. Since then, I have an occasional tickling (for lack of a better word) sensation in my throat/chest. It doesn't hurt, just annoying. I've been told it will go away in time, but I'm not so sure. Has anyone else experienced a similar sensation?


Tickling sensation

by H van Dyk - 2023-05-25 07:49:41

How often does this occur? In my case such a annoying feeling was caused by the pacemaker doing a selftest every 24 hours. This can be switched off by the pacemaker technician. Have you already contacted him/her concerning this matter?

Tickling sensation

by Horatio - 2023-05-25 08:56:29

That's interesting. As far as how often, it's really multiple times a day. I haven't inquired about it yet, but I've wondered if I'm feeling that when it's pacing. Did you contact the PM manufacturer directly?

Tickling sensation.

by H van Dyk - 2023-05-25 11:52:08

It's a bit unusual to contact the PM manufacturer directly. The normal procedure would be to contact the PM technician connected with the hospital or clinic where the operation took place. They should provide you with aftercare.

Similar experience

by retree - 2023-06-04 14:47:21

I had mine implanted in March and get a feeling I'd describe the same way. It feels similar to when I go in and they do a manual test. I get it maybe 0 - 4 times per day.

At my first 30 day appointment, I reported the feeling and said that I assumed this is when I'm getting paced (I'm only rarely paced). They said it was maybe the auto calibration that happens every 20 hours. At the time, I wasn't tracking whether it happens once per 20ish hours or not. I now know that it happens often multiple times per day.

Originally, they thought it couldn't be the pacing because the pacing should be happening < 1% of the time, which they said could be as little as a few times per month. I didn't know if this was meant to be <1% of beat, of minutes, of ___(?)____. But, ultimately, I think what I'm feeling is the pacing. Interested to hear what others think -- and what you find out about your situation!

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