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This morning had an MRI to check on how badly i had torn my left elbow bicep.  In 1980 had shattered my left elbow and was replaced with hinges and screws.

About a couple of years ago when i was first told i have Osteroporis, thought i should have an x-ray done to make sure the bones were still intact.  The orthro  doc at that time mentioned maybe i would want the long screw removed.  In my mind that sounded like much pain and crunchy sounds.

Now it seems that my bicep is at times catching on that screw.

I know enough that i had to first get clearance from the Cardio Dr., which i did,  than had to fax over to the Radiology dept.,copy of my pacemaker card.  Went over to the Radiology office where they made a copy of my card.  I then said it should be faxed to the scheduleing dept.  Who would then give the Risk Management.  The receptonist said  they were at that location , he could give to them.  I asked how long before i would know.  Said 3 weeks.  I was then called the next day to make an appointment.  Got one for June 27th.   Asked about a call cancel list, gal said i would have to call every couple of days.  Monday morning i called and was offered 2 different times for the next day.  Tuesday which i took the later one.  When i got there the gal said yes she had 2 that had cancelled

Asked about a rep for Medtronic, said that the Public Hospital had  crossed trained all the MRI techs using an Ipad to put the pacemaker to sleep and of course to wake it up.  Put a puck over my pacemaker was able to see everything on her screen.  Then after again to see all back on.  Did say if a problem arises that can call the reps. to help them.  While in the tunnel she had hooked my heart to a monitor(was at 74beats) and gave me a ball to squeeze for a panic attack.  Did not use.

My MRi took longer she said because of all the hardware in my elbow.  Had felt it was longer than 30 minutes.

Now that explains to me why i can now have any surgery at  stand alone surgery centers. They too must have trained someone there to use the Ipad and puck.

Will see an othro. Dr.   next Tuesday to see what i should do. He was not  the doctor that was referred to me, that one would have to wait until mid Sept.  The doctor i really like is a half hours drive from me. Not fair to the person who would drive me for surgery to have wait in another town for 5 or 6 hours.

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by Gemita - 2023-05-23 18:08:06

Hello new to pace, so sorry to hear about this but that was fast for an MRI.  Cannot imagine it happening so quickly over here.  Mind you, you knew exactly what to do to help yourself.

I don’t like the idea of MRI techs being in charge of a pacemaker patient instead of a cardiac technician, or being told that if they get into trouble they should call for help, but no doubt the MRI techs have been well trained.  Certainly having MRI techs in charge should increase the number of patients having MRI's since having a cardiac technician attending each time certainly slows the process down.

I hope your meeting next Tuesday goes well and that you will be advised on the best course of action.  Your bicep catching on the screw needs dealing with.  It could cause some serious damage and you can well do without that.

I hope for the very best new to pace


by new to pace.... - 2023-05-23 18:15:09

thanks as usually for  comments Gemita.   She  said they do not have enough reps for this area.
At first was scheluded for the MRI at the end of June.  Now the first doctor has the MRI results, so much for waiting 48 hours.  Called left message saying they have the results and the doctor want to go over the results with me.  Will call in the morning to get an appointment as their office closes at 4:30pm daily.  did not like him but will hear what he has to say.

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Good explanation

by Lavender - 2023-05-23 21:47:08

Thanks for the clear explanation of the process of you getting an MRI. Sorry to hear of your situation. I'm sure it's painful. Hope the new dr is wise even if you're not crazy about him. 😜

MRI and stuff

by AgentX86 - 2023-05-23 22:19:52

You had to go through more than I before your MRI.  I needed the cardiology (and neurology) clearance but then it was up to the radiologist.  There weren't any gate keepers. It took over a month but the bump was the radiologist.  They didn't want my pacemaker card, either.  My cardiologist had all of that information.  In fact, no one  has ever wanted to see my card.  It seems they don't believe what's printed on them (or don't understand it).

Outpatient surgical centers aren't a problem at all.  They don't mess with the pacemaker during, at least minor, surgery.  I had two surgeries on my wrist (one to put the plate and screws in and the other to do a carpal tunnel release and take the plate and screws back out).  As long as they didn't use a general (a restriction from my neurologist) I could have outpatient surgery in a surgical center. I had a nerve block and some happy juice. Everyting was fine but the nerve block was the wierdest thing. 

For surgery

by PacedNRunning - 2023-05-28 12:56:33

For surgery they usually place a magnet over the device when using certain equipment. They don't use the iPad. 

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