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To you ladies here-I have tried many bras and sports bras but they all seem to cross over my device making the fit uncomfortable. I have yet to find a high neck brand that completely covers the device. Does that make sense?  TIA



by new to pace.... - 2023-05-19 20:13:56

first it would help if you filled in your bio as to the brand , model where you live.  Then look in the search box click on what looks like a magnifying glass next to log out.  Put your question in there.  as there have been others with that same question.

  Some put a soft pad over the device to raise it off the device.  others have worn a strapless bra.

new to pace

Bra solution

by Persephone - 2023-05-20 17:46:20

Hi OldTeach - No, I have not found one of those, unfortunately. I wanted to use a sports bra with wide straps but found them to not work. So decided that I could just go less bra'd and went with a stretchy bralette kind of sports bra with thin straps that are spaced in a way to not rub in the device area, and wear a cami over it for additional support. Higher neck camis are available. Works for me. Wishing you comfortable days ahead!

Bra after op

by Flamingo - 2023-05-29 15:44:41

I think lots of us ladies have problems with bra straps after our pacemakers have been inserted. I found a brand which suited me, it's an Exquisite bra I bought from Yorkshire Trading. It's a cheap, wide strapped, slightly padded bra, no fastenings I just step into it although you could pull it over your head if that suits you better. I thought they were so cheap they would be useless, but they seem to be very good and I've had mine for about 6 months. They do them in white and black. One of mine is a nice shade of pink after washing it with a pink Tshirt!! I expect they can be bought in other places as well, but YT is handy for me.

 I also wear a bralette from M&S in bed just to keep things in place. They sell them in packs of three.They're the ones with the wide strap, not padded, like little vests . I find narrow straps too uncomfortable. 

Hope this helps. 

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