TAVR Update # ? (I forget)

I heard back from the Interventional Cardiologists offfice today. I am cleared for TAVR without any stenting. Originally he was worried about coronary artery occlusion, but my situation was reviewed by other Boston area specialists along with Carpentier Edwards (Sapien) and all agree I'm good to go. My pre-op is next Wednesday, and my surgery on 06/01. I'll report back as usual. Thanks for all your support! 



by Rch - 2023-05-18 18:58:40

I'm glad you are set to go with the TAVR and the CAD is stable without intervention. Hope everything will go well on June 1st! We pray for your speedy recovery! 🙏

That is excellent news and I am very happy for you

by Gemita - 2023-05-18 19:48:04

USMC-Pacer, that is really reassuring news and I am glad you don't need to think which way to go anymore.  The decision is made for you and you can save your strength for your recovery following the TAVR.  I wish you lots of luck for June 1st and hope the procedure is a complete success.  

Best wishes

by Selwyn - 2023-05-19 10:45:53


Best wishes for the procedure. You'll soon be up and running- all without stenting. Good news!

Following you

by Lavender - 2023-05-23 21:53:26

Please let us know how it goes. It will be a relief when it's behind you...it's taken a lot of pre-thought to get you to pre-op! God go with you!💗

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