Any Occupational Therapist?

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I'm currently an occupational therapy student. Today is the second day of my attachment, and I'm struggling with tiredness/a little breathlessness/a little weakness at the end of day. I have congenital complete heart block and have been paced since birth. Wanted to know if there are occupational therapist out there with a similar condition and how did you cope with the demands of work?


Thanks in advance! 


Have you spoken to a doctor?

by Gemita - 2023-05-17 11:41:34

Evelyn, as you have been paced since birth, I am assuming that you have been able to have a reasonable quality of life during childhood up until the present time or have you always had these symptoms?  Most members with electrical disturbances like heart block immediately feel better following a pacemaker implant and report that they are able to live a normal life afterwards, so I am quite surprised to read your post that you are currently struggling with the demands of work.  It would be helpful if you could complete your Bio to give us more information about yourself;  age, type of pacemaker, where you live or anything else you might care to share with us?

Weakness, tiredness can be common symptoms even for those without pacemakers, but if you are having a little breathlessness too, you certainly sound to me as though you need to speak to a doctor to try to find out why you are having these difficulties?  Have you been to see a general doctor or told your cardiologist/EP about your symptoms?  I appreciate you will need a lot of energy to train as an occupational therapist, so the sooner you seek help, the better for you.  Good luck

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