PM ID Card for Wallet App in Smart Phone

I'm new here. Just got a Medtronic Azure dual chamber PM on April 21, 2023. All went well, although I did need cardioversion during the implantation procedure due to an Afib event. Otherwise, no complications. I had a 7-day check-up yesterday in the Cardiac Device Clinic at my local medical center, and all looked good. I'll go again in 3 months.

I have the Medtronic My Care Link app installed on my iPhone, so my PM is automatically monitored on a regular basis via Bluetooth, which is reassuring and super convenient. Given that remote monitoring relies on my smart phone, I'm wondering why Medtronic doesn't have an electronic version of my PM ID card that can be stored in the Wallet app on my iPhone. Do any of the other manufacturers have an electronic version that can be stored in a smart phone Wallet app?

I often go out without a wallet, but I always have my phone with me. Having the ID in my phone seems a like a no-brainer to me. Maybe if enough people inquire with the manufaturers about this...they might think about adding this feature.


Medtronic ID

by AgentX86 - 2023-04-29 22:39:55

First, welcome to the club and sorry you're here.  Since they bothered with a cardioversion, I would guess that your AF is the paroxysmal sort.  How often? Are you on an anticoagulant?  Other drugs?

I have the Medtronic app on my Android phone.  Mine only connects a a few times a year but it's there if anything bad happens.  It'll call home if it detects anything serious.  It's also useful to capture anything that feels abnormal.  You'll find that a major part of having a pacemaker is "how do you feel".  Their purpose is just as much, if nor more, a quality of life issue rather than a life issue. Unfortunately, it won't do anything about AF.

Don't worry about your pacemaker card.  No one will want to look at it. Ever.  You can put information on your cell phone emergency screen (whatever it's called).  Pacemaker information beyond "Pacemaker" isn't useful.  Use the space for something else.

ID card

by piglet22 - 2023-04-30 06:58:13

I have the paper version of the European Pacemaker ID card which sits in it's wallet in my pocket.

No-one has ever looked at it in 18 years and the last time it was updated, replacement PM, they put the wrong year in.

As suggested by AgentX86, I do have some information on the startup page of the phone.

This is the wake up from standby page, not the full hard power up page.

Anyone pressing the power button on the phone gets the pre-login page and it has "Implanted pacemaker" and my NHS number. The NHS number could get a responder all the information they need.

Use of Pacemaker ID card

by Selwyn - 2023-04-30 12:09:30

Sorry to disappoint over the use of the PM ID card. 

As a frequent traveller, I am rarely, but have in the last year had to show my ID card twice at airport security. I think one of these was at Manchester, if memory serves me  correctly.

I only carry my PM  ID card when I travel. 

It is also helpful to carry an anticoagulation card if you are anticoagulated. I carry this all the time in my wallet ( along with my KARDIA® device!).

This club's shop ( see top bar)  has a number of different bits and pieces you may wish to purchase with regard to alerting folk to your medical status. 

device card

by islandgirl - 2023-05-08 00:05:12

I have also had to show my device card while travelling.  

Call Medtronic and ask them to send you a card.


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