micra pacemaker

will have micra installed this week--anyone with any suggestions/problems/



by new to pace.... - 2023-04-29 21:52:25

you might search this site for  information about the Micra there are some that have this device.  clik on the magnifing glass next to the word "log out" and type your question .

new to pace 

AV Micra

by Ram - 2023-05-27 18:57:29

I had a Micra AV implanted in heart almost 2 years ago 8/2021.  Surgery was a breeze but I did have a few weeks of pacing issues where it forced my heart to beat too fast when moving and was not necessary during the day and it kept me awake at night every time it kicked in to keep my heart beating if it went under 50 bpm.  I assumed I'd get used to it so didn't have checked right away. However it turned out I was only needing the tech to set the lower pacing down to 40 and the upper level turned off.  After that no problems at all except to remember I have a PM and not to put certain items too close to my heart. Good luck!

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