Svt ? Or something else

So just to recap , i have been diagnosed with having a difficult to treat Svt . Cant do my question is this . Before I use to have to episodes and felt like flutter like weird electrical beats all over place ..but recently and I worry..I get this beats all over place but it feels like beats are slowing down rapidly! Last few seconds but it scares me I drink metropolol, and cartia ..this sensation doesn't happen often just rarely is it SVT ? 


Rate control

by Penguin - 2023-04-28 05:18:44


Presumably you must recognise an SVT feeling if you've been struggling with it and it's already been diagnosed?  Do you mind telling us which SVT was diagnosed?

Your pacemaker techs will know whether or not there are any new algorithms programmed which bring your heart rate down during an SVT.  Ask them about this as it may be nothing to worry about - just a new sensation which may be indicative of programming to help you.  

As I understand it metropolol (a beta blocker) is used as a (heart) rate limiting drug.  

What you've described sounds like an algorithm interrupting your SVT episode. Two possible contenders are: 

1. Mode Switch -  SVTs are detected by a setting called 'mode switch'.  Mode switching occurs when the device detects chaotic activity in your atria (an SVT) and reacts by switching the device to a non tracking mode.  This means that the chaotic beats are not tracked by the pacemaker and passed down to your ventricles. This would otherwise cause distressing symptoms.  

You will almost certainly have mode switch turned on.  How effective it is in terminating your SVT episodes I don't know, but mode switch is a helpful setting for SVT management and if this is what you are feeling as the SVT dies down, it's a good thing and nothing to worry about.

2. Rate Response - This setting provides an extra boost to your h/rate when exercising if your heart doesn't raise it's rate naturally.  It raises your h/rate above your max tracking rate and it's helpful for many people.

However, rate response can act as a trigger for SVTs if the acceleration in rate or deceleration in rate isn't gradual.  This is because sudden changes in heart rate can trigger SVTs.  The rate coming down again 'might' be what you're feeling. 

Rate response settings can be adjusted and both acceleration and deceleration can be made more gradual. You could find out from your interrogations if the rate response setting is turned on and then ask your techs for advice on fine tuning it to prevent SVTs.

Note: These are my best guesses as to what may be happening with settings. I may not be correct as I'm not a technician or medically trained. Ask your techs for the best advice and let your prescriber know if your heart rates are still high despite the drugs that have been prescribed. 




SVTs or not

by Selwyn - 2023-04-28 12:24:42

“You don’t know what you don’t know”.

Who knows? That is why you need to get these recorded either with a monitor/Holter  or something like a Kardia device.

Anything else is speculation, you know what I mean?

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