ICD bulge near armpit

Hi everyone, I had my ICD inserted Feb.7th 2023. 

I have noticed that when I try to lift my left arm, there's a bulge right by my arm pit. I feel the icd in there, the edge of it. It's annoying cause it makes it hard to shave under that armpit and wash there. It's like it's too close to my armpit. Also, when I'm washing over it, it's like I'm pressing on it and moving it around, and it makes me nauseous. Then, when I try to sleep on my right side, my left arm goes over this bulge and squeezes on it, making it hurt. Hope this makes sense. Anyone else experience this? 



Skin care

by Persephone - 2023-04-23 15:26:08

Hi Seeking - I believe you can expect the swelling and prominence of the device to continue to abate over coming months. If I may ask, must you shave there or can you leave it be for now?

My PM (not ICD) continues to be a bit uncomfortable the way it protudes from its positioning, but I wouldn't be around without it, so...

ICD Size?

by Penguin - 2023-04-24 17:04:05


I really am sorry that you feel like this and are having this issue.  It takes some getting used to having a device under the skin and it does feel really obvious and very strange at first.

 Do you have any idea where the feeling of nausea comes from? Is it a psychological or a physical thing do you think? I felt quite repulsed by my PM initially and this made me vaguely nauseous.   

My 2nd device can be felt near the armpit side - a sharp edge close to the top layer of skin. I have a PM rather than an ICD.  Not sure if an ICD is larger?  If so this may be more difficult for you to 'accommodate' and it obviously makes placement more important.  

Please think about what others have said too. It's still early days and swelling makes a huge difference.  Taking time to 'accept' the new you is also key. 

Take care and treat yourself gently


Thank you

by SeekingSupport - 2023-04-30 11:32:02

Thank you both for your help and support ! 

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