Pacemaker and rechargeable neck fan

I'm new to the Pacemaker Club. I got my PM a month ago and am just learning the ropes. I do a lot of outdoor dancing and with the summer near I was interested in purchasing the kind of neck fan that is in the shape of a horseshoe and rests at the base of your neck. It is rechargeable. Most models hang low enough on either side of your neck that the left side will be closer than 6 inches from my device. Does anyone have experience using one of these fans? Nothing I can find in the descriptions of this product mention the use of a magnet in them but I just wanted some reassurance. Thanks in advance. 


Neck fan

by AgentX86 - 2023-04-15 22:40:13

I haven't seen these (that I know of) but I imagine that they use DC per-mag motors.  These have a fairly strong magnet in them but I still wouldn't worry too much about it.  The motors I've seen use ceramic/ferrite magnets, not rare-earth magnets. As long as there are a few inches, you should be alright. Just stop using it if you fell strange.

DC motors

by piglet22 - 2023-04-16 07:11:11

I'd have to agree with AgentX86.

I do a lot of messing about with motors of all descriptions from cheap brushed can motors to expensive stepper motors and have never had a problem.

I also keep a lot of rare earth permanent magnets and have a big respect for those. Some of the big ones don't come within arm’s length.

Some of the strongest magnets are in computer hard disk drives and I harvest these to hang tools from. They are risky once out of the HDD case, but how many people take HDDs apart?

Another slight area of concern are mobile phone cases with magnetic closures. These again do have strong magnets in them so placing them in a breast pocket would not be a great idea.

On the whole, I'm more concerned with wiping data with magnets (ferromagnetic memory) than pacemakers.

summer fan

by new to pace.... - 2023-04-16 08:17:30

From reading your query it reads you did not use one before.  Why would you need one now?  Certainly would not want something that would bounce up and down.

new to pace   

Neck fan

by DoubleL - 2023-04-16 15:43:49

I have used a different kind of fan but that was before getting my PM. It died quickly, didn't cool off that well, and according to my friends who have the newer style, it bounced up and down more than the model I am considering buying will.

Thanks for everone's feedback. Much appreciated!

Neck fan

by AgentX86 - 2023-04-16 17:08:12

Have you considered one of the cooling towels?  They can either be used dry to wick the sweat away from you to aid in evaporation (cooling).  Or you can use them wet so they evaporate even more water (more cooling).  If the relative humidity is fairly low, useing them wet is very effective.  It's the same idea as the "swamp cooler".


Try it out

by Gotrhythm - 2023-04-19 15:31:13

I used to just reassure people that there was no danger from any applianced considere safe for the general public.

But I think I've been wrong.

Now I think you should just get the fan and try it out

Whether it works or not, it won't kill you.

If it works great. If not, return it.

But you will be one step closer to believing that it's safe to just try somethig and see what happens to your pacemaker. (hint: nothing.)

Neck Fan

by DoubleL - 2023-04-20 21:05:29

I had an appointment with the Medtronic rep today to check out my pacemaker after having to have some physical therapy that included some electrical stimulation of muscles. My cardiologist would only agree to the therapy if I had the PM checked out afterwards. (No problems.)  

I took the opportunity to ask the rep about the fan. She suggested trying it. If it interferes with the PM I will know as it will pace at 85 BPM. Once I remove it from the PM's vicinity, it will go back to 60. Easy test to see if it interferes or not. She doesn't think it will. We'll see. Happy to be able to move forward with some confidence. I'll get the hang of this. Thanks again everyone and stay well!  

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