We made it

We made it to Dublin today to meet our second great grand baby.  It was a struggle for Michael to travel after spending the week in hospital but he wouldn’t have had it any other way.  She is absolutely beautiful and she bonded very quickly with her great grandfather!  I tried posting some pics but made a real mess of it using my mobile so will try again tomorrow.  Am just too exhausted but absolutely at peace now xx




by benedeni - 2023-04-15 17:41:44

So so happy to hear your good news!  Anxious to see the pictures.  Relax and enjoy the rest of your trip. A big hello to Bianca and Michael.  xx

so glad

by new to pace.... - 2023-04-15 19:06:49

So glad to hear you and Michael are able to be there to see your new great granddaughter.  Enjoy do not worry about posting any pictures until you return.  Just enjoy your time there with your family.

new to pace


by Mrw2350 - 2023-04-15 19:11:00

So glad you were able to make it .Hope he feels much better soon 😊


by Lavender - 2023-04-15 19:11:06

Bet the baby will speed up Michael's recovery. Heartwarming in every way. 🥰

New baby

by Dixie Chick 65 - 2023-04-15 22:54:12

Nothing like a new grand baby...Absolutely the best medicine ! So happy for you and Michael. Congratulations to all.

So Happy To Hear You Made It

by Marybird - 2023-04-15 23:40:23

Both you and Michael enjoy every second with your new great grandaughter, and her new parents too! Sounds as though you need to rest and unwind right now, and as Lavender said, your new great grandbaby and the joy she brings will be the best medicine anyone could ask for.

Enjoy! Mary

Glad you made it to visit your grand daughter

by Rch - 2023-04-16 00:13:17

Glad Michael is out of the hospital. Hope he will continually improve and get back to his baseline soon! 🙏


by Penguin - 2023-04-16 03:17:06

Heart warming news from every perspective. Good for you. Enjoy your time in Ireland.

Lovely news!

by Aberdeen - 2023-04-16 03:30:12

I am so glad you made it to Dublin to see your lovely great granddaughter! Enjoy your time with her and we will be delighted to see photographs of her when you return.

Pleased for you both

by crustyg - 2023-04-16 09:18:54

And congratulations for supporting your husband with such determination!

Best wishes.

Fantastic News

by SeenBetterDays - 2023-04-16 15:49:45

I'm so pleased you were able to make the trip and meet your beautiful great granddaughter. Hope you are both able to have some much needed rest now and enjoy some special family time. Sending you much love and hope Michael gets stronger each day x

Have posted some pics to Gallery.

by Gemita - 2023-04-17 06:52:28

Thank you all for your wonderful messages of support.  To have four generations meet for a few days has been a gift and Michael says the joy he feels cannot be described.  Dublin is a friendly city and we have been well cared for in all respects.  We return home tomorrow xx

Absolutely Beautiful

by SeenBetterDays - 2023-04-17 07:48:06

Bianca is so gorgeous, must have been so lovely for you and Michael to spend time with her. Thanks for sharing your lovely family pictures with us. So glad that you were able to make the trip. Special memories to cherish x


by new to pace.... - 2023-04-17 08:21:25

Thanks for posting your pictures.    Glad to see Michael looking so well.

new to pace

Lovely Family

by Flo - 2023-04-17 11:38:33

I am so happy you and Michael were able to make the trip and spend time with your family.  


by benedeni - 2023-04-17 11:57:25

Bianca is absolutely beautiful.  I enjoyed all the pics.  You and Michael look great.  Let us hear when you are home safe and sound and thoroughly rested.  (:

Safe trip home💕

by Lavender - 2023-04-17 21:08:38

It was a blessing to see your beautiful family and to see both you and Michael enjoying a relaxing visit with them. Your lives are too much medical and not enough social these days. Nice to see the scales tip to the fun side!

Have a safe journey home!🕊️

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