Lose my previous account

Hello .

I am sharif from Afghanistan. My mom hase techycardya.

I lost my previous account and return now with a new account

My mother is uneducated. That is why I myself this created account.

One year ago my mother infected by arithmia( tachycardia). She is 65 years old. Along 7 months she experienced 3 time fast heart rate. Then In fourth time, after 12 hour heart fast rate she had heart failure. When we carried him to haspital. Doctors installed Peacemaker. 


Along 3 months She was very happy and healthy. But 20 days ago again she experienced heart fast rate. How ever doctors gived him som medicine, but I am not sure it prevent reacuring.

if you have any advise and instructions please share it.

Sharif Joya



by Rch - 2023-04-09 00:51:18


Welcome to the club on behalf of your mom. Sorry to hear she still has persistent symptoms . However, to give you any suggestions or opinions, you would need to give us the exact diagnosis from your doctor, indications for the pacemaker and the name of the medicine. Hope she feels better on the new medicine. 

Good luck

by piglet22 - 2023-04-09 07:14:43

In the West, we do hear a lot of negative things about Afghanistan, but it's encouraging that you mother has managed to get a pacemaker in the first place.

You will get a lot of good advice on this forum or club as there are many people who will have gone through very similar and often complicated situations like your mother.

All I can say is do continue to use this forum.

We get the impression here that life for girls and women can be difficult, but do what you can to encourage her to put her interests first and if she wants to dance or whatever, then do it.

Thank you piglet22 and Rch

by Sharif Joya - 2023-04-09 11:43:47

After PM surgery, when my mom hearts rate beat becam fast we carried him to her doctors. 
her doctors after controlling her heart gived medicine and reset it.

about dance of mom. Here in Afghanistan we have deferent ethics with unique ideology. Hazara ethics  are civil and not very religious. I with my mom mostly listen to music 🎶 specially classic songs.

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