Pacemaker wires…

After a recent episode of "911" my hubby is preoccupied with my leads coming "undone".  How often does this occur?  I received my pacemaker 6 months ago......


Properly fitted - never

by crustyg - 2023-04-05 17:49:31

The manufacturers of the devices have considered this problem quite carefully.  There's a threaded collar that holds each lead into the device and then there's a little grub screw on the side that jams against the locking collar so that it - the locking collar - can't turn.  The grub screw is to be tightened by a tool (effectively a sterile, disposable torque wrench) so the grub screw won't undo itself and another EP-doc can undo this little screw in the years to come when the device needs to be replaced.

You're probably as likely to be hit by a falling meteor as have your leads come undone by accident (i.e. without fiddling/twiddling) if fitted properly.

 But nothing I say will stop some folk from worrying.  Chronic anxiety isn't made better by calm reassurance.  You have to reach for the CBT books....  In other words you have to make a conscious, deliberate decision to focus your mind on something else, something constructive.  It's a choice.


by Acox1951 - 2023-04-05 18:00:43

Thank you.....   

My Two Cents

by Marybird - 2023-04-05 19:15:00

Just wanted to add  to Agent's comments about securing the leads in place, hopefully to add a bit more to the peace of mind you (and your husband) hopefully get from knowing how well those leads are secured. And that's the thought that after having your pacemaker for 6 months, those leads are well anchored into not just your heart but also secured into the veins they are threaded through from the generator by virtue of having the endothelial lining of those veins growing around them. Those leads won't go anywhere.

I understand, I was a somewhat concerned about my leads dislodging for a few months after I got my pacemaker. I figured after 6 months there was no reason to even think about it anymore.



by AgentX86 - 2023-04-05 22:41:47

Um, it was well said but the credit goes to Crusty.


by Marybird - 2023-04-05 22:45:38

Now that I take another look I see that! Geez, I must be getting old. 

Getting old

by AgentX86 - 2023-04-05 23:22:34

I think I'm the only one here who is younger than they once were. 😁


by Tracey_E - 2023-04-06 08:46:34

After the frist year, they are in so tight it takes  a special laser to get them out. 

I forget which show it is, but don't let him watch the one where terrorists hack in and control someone's pacermaker. That's pure fiction, too.

@tracey-🤣😝 hackers

by Lavender - 2023-04-06 09:55:23

Your hubby is sweet to be worrying about you. 🌸💗

PM Hackers!

by FG - 2023-04-07 16:33:22

Wow you have given me a great idea for a new movie script...

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