Still Feeling Faint

I had my pacemaker inserted due to having episodes of fainting. These faints seemingly happened randomly, but something that was at least consistent was that they'd happen after smoking marijuana. The last episode of this happening was when my heart stopped for 4 seconds, beat a few times, and then again for 6 times, before beating normally again. I had dropped to the ground, falling backwards. I could feel myself feeling faint, and it happened extremely quickly after smoking, however, I get the same feeling after exercising a lot too.

I don't smoke often, too, as it's been more of a once every 1-2 years kind of thing.

I've felt like I was going to faint again recently however, laid down flat to stop my blood pressure from taking, which again has helped in the past. Just venting really, and curious if anyone is in a similar situation as me?


Heart stopping

by AgentX86 - 2023-04-02 16:10:11

Your heart stopping for six seconds is enough to make you pass out, or close to it.  Six seconds is what you've caught it doing but there could be more and longer.  I'm 90% sure that you need  a pacemake, and soon.  I'll state my normal warnings; consider fainting when you're at the top of a set of stairs or while driving. You're likely to kill yourself or someone else.

Very true

by Tanno - 2023-04-03 06:10:05

I've actually already gone down the stairs after fainting, I am lucky to be alive after that. Though, when the doctors were talking about it, they said that they did not think I'd ever faint sitting down, and it seems to only ever happen when I'm standing.

I was more just curious as to ffeeling faint still while having my pacemaker, I've not had any episodes of passing out since having my pacemaker put in in November, but still sometimes get lightheaded as if I'm going to. Just worried it'll still happen even with my pacemaker.


by Lavender - 2023-04-03 07:39:43

I think AgentX86 missed seeing that you already have a pacemaker. We always remind folks here that you need more water intake once you have a pacemaker because the heart is beating more efficiently. Make sure you're well hydrated.  

Before getting my pacemaker, I had fainting episodes for six months. I've had my pacemaker two years with zero fainting but I did have a few woozy spells due to water issues. Here are my notes from those episodes:

Presyncope after getting my pacemaker in February:

April 30. About 8:20pm. While seated. Vague brief lightheadedness felt I would lose consciousness but didn’t 

May 2 about 3:30am up to pee. Both knees buckled but I didn’t fall

May 2. 2:00pm approx. While seated. Very lightheaded w blurry vision for ten or so minutes, didn’t lose consciousness but felt that I might

May 3. 9:00. Bp 82/41. Pulse 109

Saw the nurse at cardio she said:

Eat pretzels. Salt. gatorade if woozy. It’s not my heart causing low bp and the woozy spells. Said pacemaker would catch any arrhythmia in nightly reports and it is working properly.  Most likely:

- I was over watered on Sunday which threw off electrolytes. (I had been drinking lots of water while sitting outside in the heat)

- my diet doesn’t have enough sodium in it

- in morning bp is low because I am dehydrated 

-could be heat intolerance and/or dehydration at times from low water intake

As for the pot smoking-there's no way I would put anything into my lungs. My pcp did RX medical marijuana for me after getting the pacemaker, but it was to be the type that a drop of liquid goes under the tongue.  I chose not to get it because I called and was told my state driving license center would be restricting when I could drive. I also take no meds due to copious reactions and didn't want to try it. 

You might dehydrate quickly with exercise. A caution-in that I need more salt, you might not so ask your doctor before adding any salt intake.



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