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Had my first device check yesterday and rather than getting a Medtronic bed side unit for monitoring, got set up with a Medtronic app on my Apple smart phone 14.

I have previously charged it at night downstairs, but now need to do it by my bed for Medtronic night time readings.

Since it's an iPhone 14, it charges on a round magnetic disk rather than a plug in cable. How close to my nightly sleeping position should I keep it charging on the magnetic charging disk?? 

Also, how far away from me will my phone's app pick still monitor my PM?


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by Tracey_E - 2023-03-22 11:58:15

It should stay 6" from our device. Mine is on my headboard so just above my head and I haven't had an issue. 

The app, I'd ask them. My St Judes bedside monitor needs to be within 10' of where I sleep. The app will use bluetooth which usually means about 30' or less so anywhere in your bedroom should be ok. But confirm with them! 

Android App

by Aristocat - 2023-03-22 15:39:56

Interesting. I have the Android version of the Medtronic app and I wasn't told to keep the phone near me all the time. I sleep in a different room from where my phone is charging and haven't heard anything from my docs about a problem. I've had to send 2 manual transmissions and 1 auto transmission and still haven't heard that anything is wrong or lacking. Do you keep your phone next to you at all times?

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