Hello to all, my name is Peter, I hail from yorkshire in england. I had my pace maker fitter on friday 10th 0f March, and am now rid of my dressing and up for recovery. I had a very low HR 40 BPM and now it is back to normal.

i hope to have many good chatters with the people on here and hope to put in some good points in my posts.



by BobbyVee - 2023-03-18 16:39:40


I'm g;ad to hear you are on the upswin!. I had a pacemaker installed on March 15, 2023. Was feeling great but later that evening  I fainted and had to go by ambulence back to Cleveland Clinic.Turns out that one of my two leads had become loose and was making a reduced contact. A tech came to the hospital and adjusted the loose one up to compensate for the poor connection. Took three hours for the tech to arrive and I had several syncopy episodes, nausea and some fear while waitnig. Next morning back in the O.R. where the doctor went in and refastened the lead. Stayed hospitalized that day and the next just to be sure all was good. Feeling great now but it was not an easy time this week to go back to back in the O.R. I am wondering how common that is to have a lead loosen up like that? Has anyone here had that experience? Thanks, Bobbyvee

Loose lead

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-18 21:23:58

This isn't a regular occurance but certainly not rare either.  Sometimes the location isn't right and the muscle just doesn't hold the tip or the EP has a bad day.  The lead tip screws into the heart muscle so it should hold but sometimes it doesn't.  Since you were in the hospital, nothing was likely to happen to you.  Syncope can be scary and nausea isn't fun but there isn't much danger once you were in the EMTs care.

I'm glad things are going better now.

Welcome Peter

by Penguin - 2023-03-19 06:13:39

Hi Peter, 

Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to hearing more from you and pleased to hear that you are doing so well in beautiful Yorkshire! 

Best Wishes


Hi guys!

by Lavender - 2023-03-19 15:55:46

Peter-you sound good already! Attitude is most of the recovery battle! Life is gonna be fine!

BobbyVee-your name brings to mind a wonderful singer! Love it! Geez that was a disappointing surprise to have a lead loose so fast! Glad it was reattached and you can have a normal journey now!

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