update doctors answer to my results from the last blood test

Saw the Acpuncture  doctor to talk over how i should procede , the results are in  previous  forum below.  She was amazed that the C-Reactive Protein dropped so fast 3.06-1.48.  As when i had asked for a blood test for 30 days after the first one.  She said would not change that fast.  So will continue taking the Algal Oil , 2 per meal until my remote transmission on March 21.  Would have been on that for the past 6 weeks.  Than 1 per meal   for the next 30 days.  Unless the food sensitivities  act up then back to 2 per meal. Then test again. 

Was concerned also concerned about the Fibrinogen(which relates to clotting in the heart).  It is in range only it is on the high end.  She said she uses Nattokinase which is fermented soybeans which i cannot use.  Said she would look into something else.

Was not as concerned about the lipids, i think it will lower once i reduce the amount of Algal oil.  Will know in 30 days after the next blood test, April 10.

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Excellent results so far

by Gemita - 2023-03-18 18:34:29

Hello New to Pace, with regard to the CRP blood test level drop, no doubt your General Doctor is aware of these excellent results so far with Algal Oil as well as your Acupuncturist?  I hope your monitoring results will be equally as good when you receive them on the 21st March and that your AFib episodes will have reduced too.

I believe acupuncture itself can also help to decrease certain laboratory blood test values.  Have you increased your acupuncture sessions by chance or can we assume that these favourable blood test results for CRP are mainly due to the addition of Algal Oil?  What an interesting study this is turning out to be.  

Your Fibrinogen Activity level is certainly still in range as is your Homocysteine, so not sure why the concern.  I think you mentioned Fibrinogen came in at 418 (range 193-507).  

I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results from your transmissions. Are your blood tests for this study requested by your General Doctor New to Pace or your Acupuncturist or do they end up in the same place?


by new to pace.... - 2023-03-18 18:53:47

Thanks Gemita for your comments.  Only working with Acupuncturist for blood tests.  GP and Cardiologist are not aware that i am taking care of myself.  Will show the  blood test from January first page and the March second page to the Cardiologist when i see her on March 21st.

It is the work of the Algal oil in lowering but it is also making my food sensitivities less reactive.  Which i believe means am processing my foods better. 

Doctor is concerned with the Fibrinogen Activity is near the high end of the range.  Said it should be lower.  She is looking into finding something that i can take.  She generally recomends Nattokinase, which is a fermented soybean.  I do not eat soybeans and try not to eat fermented.  

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