Symptoms after Pacemaker

It is coming up on a month since my Pacemaker.   I have been doing pretty well for the most part but have noticed in the past week I tend to have a little faint spell...not super dizzy...just kind of like my head is spinning and I have to hold onto something for 30 sec. or so, shut my eyes and then the feeling goes away..  I have been driving to and from work and so far this has not happened while I am driving but it is worrysome.   

I see a lot of folks have dizzy spells, do they feel like this?  Only lasting 30 sec. or so?   I plan to contact the clinic on Monday to let them know.   

Also, today I had my TAVR scheduled for May.  I was not too concerned about the pacemaker because they have been around for a long time, but not so sure about the TAVR.   I hope it goes well.




by piglet22 - 2023-03-11 06:10:12

Yes, indeed. Dizziness can be a problem before and after pacemaker implantation.

I was getting very strange sensations before PM (complete heart block diagnosed) which I used to call my hump-backed bridge moments. You feel the blood draining away and the light-headedness kicks in. Grabbing for things, yes.

On one occasion, I collapsed like a rag doll and was off work for six weeks with scans etc. Of course it was the heart block.

Even with the PM, I still get short duration dizziness, especially relaxing after exercise.

At the moment, the medics have decided I get extra beats, ectopic, and these are causing the PM to pause briefly. Enough of these cause the low blood pressure and the dizziness.

You definitely need to get advice, especially as you say you are driving.

It might be that you need to have the settings checked and adjusted if need be.

Yesterday I had my PM base rate raised from 60 to 70 bpm to try and overcome the ectopic beats that I am still getting. It has only been a problem in the last year of 18 yeras with a PM, and I am under no illusions that this might be the block problem progressing.

These are early days for your your PM and you and it need a time to get used to each other.

Don't let these concerns dwell on you, pick up the phone and tell your medics what is going on. More often or not it is simply a setting that needs tweaking.

Good luck and good health.

Dizziness is so common and can have many causes

by Gemita - 2023-03-11 06:58:00


I am sorry to hear that you are having dizzy spells and this will be a worry, especially as it could occur when you are driving.  I would make as appointment to see your general doctor as soon as possible for some checks, since this may not necessarily be heart or pacemaker related.  Dizziness can have so many causes from exhaustion, stress, infection, balance problems, low/high blood pressure, arrhythmia, anaemia, dehydration, low blood sugar, medication and I could go on.  

Recently my husband had a near syncope event, dizziness and loss of strength and we did in fact return to his clinic for some pacemaker checks.  They found evidence of a fast arrhythmia (Atrial Fibrillation and non sustained Ventricular Tachycardia) which had occurred at the same time as his dizzy spells.  It was felt that his arrhythmias, caused by electrolyte imbalances, were indeed the cause.  My husband has right sided heart failure and Atrial Fibrillation with a normally slow ventricular response, so any fast sudden irregular heart rate was likely to cause him symptoms.

In your case, I see you need a TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) so you might well be having symptoms relating to this problem too?  I attach a couple of Pacemaker Club links on Aortic valve replacement in case they help.  You will need to copy and paste the links into your main browser to open them.  Good luck Indyglo and please try not to worry but do consult your GP/Clinic as soon as possible.

Aortic valvular disease

by Rch - 2023-03-12 01:26:15

Hi, Given your history of Aortic valve disease, your symptoms are worrisome for valve-related issues and I urge you to discuss with your provider as soon as possible. Also, I advise you not to drive or operate any heavy machinery until evaluated by your provider! 

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