I am back, apologies for my delayed absence.

It's been a long and interesting year, and unfortunately I locked myself out of my account and was distracted by other life events.  To anyone I missed over the last year my apologies!


I'm back

by AgentX86 - 2023-03-09 21:47:58

Oh, that's so great.  After your last few posts and our IMs, then your sudden radio silence, I was really worried about you.  I've never been so happy that my dark thoughts were so wrong.

Is that really you?

by Gemita - 2023-03-10 02:59:36

Anna, is that really you?  I have to admit when I was doing some searches, I came across ASully333 many times and thought it might be you or a family member keeping watch in your absence.  I too, like AgentX86 feared the worst.  So many members have been asking about you and I had nothing to tell them, but here you are and it seems you have survived your ordeal.

Would you care to share with us your journey from where we left off or would you prefer to leave it behind?  I am assuming you have now received a transplant?

It feels like a miracle to have you back with us and yet you were always a fighter so why shouldn’t I believe it?  

Update I have just found your comments on my last public post to you under your original Username ASully and I attach the link so that other members can catch up.  Let them read for themselves the wonderful news xx


such a great surprise

by Tulp - 2023-03-10 05:19:46

Hello my dear

So happy to read you again ❤

I will have to Hug you for this

What à relief


welcome back

by athena123 - 2023-03-11 15:48:49

Im glad you are doing well. We all seem to be distracted in one way or another but glad yiou have reached out.

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