accelerated junctional rythm

anyone out there who has sick sinus rythm with accelerated junctional rythm?


Accelerated Junctional Rhythm (AJR)

by Gemita - 2023-03-06 07:24:27

Hello Laurie, many of us have heart rhythm disturbances and sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate one rhythm disturbance from another, or to know from where a rhythm disturbance originates.  I am assuming you have now received a confirmed diagnosis of Accelerated Junctional Rhythm (AJR) and that you have received this diagnosis from a recent consultation with an electrophysiologist/cardiologist?  

Looking at your history I see you had rhythm disturbances/faster heart rates before your pacemaker and you are still getting these after your implant, particularly with exercise.  I can imagine how disappointing this will be, but with all rhythm disturbances it will be trial and error with medication, lifestyle changes and pacing adjustments until we find the right balance for each one of us.

AJR occurs when the AV Node beats too quickly.  This usually happens when the heart’s primary natural pacemaker, the SA Node is not working correctly and the heart uses one of its natural backup pacemaker nodes (in this case the AV Node) to support you.  This causes your heart to rely on the AV node to set the rhythm and this can lead to faster or slower-than-normal heartbeats.  Please see the attached link from Healthline which is fairly easy to understand and gives good information.

As you will see there are many other causes for AJR including heart surgery, inflammation, infection, low blood oxygen levels, medications and other health conditions like electrolyte disturbances.  Hopefully as with all arrhythmias your doctors will make sure there are no treatable causes for this “new” rhythm disturbance, although clearly you have Sick Sinus Syndrome for which you now have a pacemaker to support your SA Node, so this has effectively been treated.  With medication, lifestyle changes, pacing adjustments, hopefully you will soon find some relief from your symptoms and get any uncomfortable high heart rates under better control during exercise.  I send my best wishes to you


by laurieb03 - 2023-03-06 07:31:22

hi gemita,

thanks again for your help. actually the ajr was always part of my diagnosis but i didnt realize it. so , the ep changed the settings and so far after 2 days of my exercise classes- i feel pretty good.i really hope this lasts-!!


Oh just excellent news

by Gemita - 2023-03-06 07:41:20

Laurie, thank you.  So nice to have positive feedback and I too hope it lasts and I have no reason to believe it won't.  

Now just one further question, do you happen to know which Setting they changed, or what the change was?  Don't worry if you don't know, but might be good to find out for the future.  That is how we can identify the Settings that we can work with to help correct a particular problem.

I bet you feel good!

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