New Pacemaker

Hi everyone!  :)

After a one-time fainting, I was urgently diagnosed with Bradycardia. It was such a surprise!

I had my PM installed on Jan 11th. I've had a few complications, but recently had it reset.

I feel a bit better, but I've noticed a numbness in both of my thumbs. They are tingly and a little pain.

Has anyone experienced this?

I'm just hoping that it is unrelated to my new PM.

Thank you for the support!!!... so glad I'm not alone on this jpurney.. 





by Tracey_E - 2023-03-01 18:51:22

That does not sound related to the pacer. I'd give your primary a call. 

Welcome Sharon!

by Lavender - 2023-03-03 09:58:32

Sorry to hear of your surprise new companion. Good that this sneaky condition was found and corrected! May your healing continue to go well. 

As for the brings to mind carpal tunnel. You might want to ask your pcp about it. 

Tingly thumbs? Probably not.

by Gotrhythm - 2023-03-03 13:47:49

Welcome to the Club!

If you're like me, not techno-savvy at all, what pacemakers do and how they do it is deeply mysterious. Finding oneself with a pacemaker seems so momentous, so life-changing, it's tempting to wonder if every single thing that happens is caused by it.

But the simple truth is that all the pacemaker is doing is help your heart to beat fast enough. Hopefully you may notice an overall improvement in how you feel, but that will only be because your heart is now beating fast enough to deliver all the oxygen and nutrients your cells need.

As for tingling in your thumbs. There are lots of conditions that could cause that sensation, but a new pacemaker would not be one of them.

Here's to many years of living with a pacemaker and hopefully feeling better than you have felt in a long time!


by Sharilou - 2023-03-03 15:07:15

So amazing that I found this club!

Thank you so much for taking the time to repsond!

Yes, I do feel better, sleeping better, more energy..

I'm so grateful for my pacer!

...I will ask my GP about the tingly nerves.. whew!


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