Not quite right

Hi all. Went back to work 2 weeks ago. Had a tune up aweek before I went back. Have been feeling good until  a week ago when I started getting blurry vision again. And yesterday I had an episode but did not black out and another today When I was a bit confused and things and felt as if I was going to be sick. But didn't. Also tingling in my left hand on and off for a few days. Your thoughts would be great 




Had a tune up a week ago?

by Gemita - 2023-02-26 04:59:41

Sean, was something changed during your tune up (check) I wonder? Clearly your symptoms are not what we would regard as "normal" at all, so you need to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible in my opinion, particularly with the vision problems and confusion.  

I see from your history that you teach "chainsaw use" in New Zealand.  I wonder if the vibration from working with chainsaws is affecting your pacemaker settings, particularly Rate Response and whether this might be making your symptoms worse since I note you were fine until you went back to work?  The chainsaw use could possibly be the cause of the "tingling" also, although I too experienced some tingling left arm after my pacemaker surgery.

Whatever the cause Sean, you should really be checking this out with your doctors, to make sure that you remain safe at all times and particularly while working with chainsaws.  Please let us know how things go

blood pressure?

by Tracey_E - 2023-02-26 10:28:12

Drops in bp can also cause that or it might be that the new settings aren't quite what you need. It's not uncommon to take a few tries to get it right so don't hesitate to go back again when something like this happens. 

If it happened while you were using the chainsaw, note the time. When you get checked next, they might be able to see what the pacer was doing at that time. If the machinery was affecting it, it will show.


by Sean - 2023-02-26 13:20:31

Thanks for your replies.

I haven't had to use a chainsaw this year.

I'll give the pacemaker team a call this morning  👍

Left hand tingling

by Persephone - 2023-02-26 13:29:33

Just to comment on this aspect - I get it occasionally  too - there are many potential causes but in my case I think a factor is that I just don't use it as much as my dominant right hand and as age changes things up, that hand /arm wants a little more exercise.


by Sean - 2023-02-26 13:39:18

I am lefthanded and my pacemaker is on my right side.

Stay hydrated

by Lavender - 2023-02-26 13:59:23

We say it a lot here, but you need more water than you used to!

Might be something other than the pacemaker causing issues. Good you're getting checked out!

Reason for Pacemaker

by Penguin - 2023-02-26 17:48:04

Hi Sean, 

I'm sorry you're going through this again. 

Just wondering whether you got a diagnosis to explain your heart stopping / pausing and whether there was an identifiable trigger for fainting episodes before the PM and now.   (Stress, fear - strong emotions, extremes of temperature - humidity / heat are a few that may be relevant or not!). 

I saw that on one of your previous threads someone suggested that you ask your pacing team about a rate drop setting on your PM.  This setting is used to help you if your heart rate suddenly drops. I wondered if you'd asked about it. 

If the problem is blood pressure that suddenly drops away, that can be a bit trickier. Has your doctor mentioned BP to you?  

I agree with everyone else that you need to raise the feelings of near fainting / collapse with your pacing team / EP.  Let us know how you get on if you'd like to. I hope you can find a way forward with their help. 

Don't know about the hand tingling - do you have any theories? 




by new to pace.... - 2023-02-27 13:10:33

For me when that happens it is something pinching a nerve in my elbow or my back.  If i move my arm to a different poisition, it stops.

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