New Pacemaker on 9th day I am feeling a little light headed (when I got up) lasted around three hours.  Also, kind of a heaviness in my throat or chest area..hard to tell where the feeling is coming from.  Also, feel kind of dehydrated...very dry mouth and drinking does not seem to help it.  My arm is still sore and the EP nurse (yesterday) said I was healing fine but to continue an occasional ice pack for some swelling.  Also, she could not remove the steri strips from my incision becase she said they were pretty adhered to the glue they used on my incision.  She said I sould shower that that will help loosen the steri strips.   When the steri strips are gone, does anyone put another type of bandage over the incision?

Can you overdue it on working around the house even if you only use your right arm?  Maybe this increased my heart rate.

Just checking in so see if anyone else might have experienced these issues.

By the way, thanks to everyone else that had commented on my other posts.  Information is always appreciated!


Hello dehydration, my old friend

by Persephone - 2023-02-25 16:36:08

I'm not trying to sound sllly or sarcastic in the subject line, but it is so very easy to get dehydrated. Your body is still trying to get over what just happened to it 9 days ago, so more fluids than what is normal for you may be needed. Post-surgery or illness can really change up the way we respond to fluids - maybe try a different type of fluid if you continue to feel dry, still water with electrolytes or pedialyte could be considered.

Is there a concern that new medication is part of the problem causing your dry mouth? Keep in mind that lightheadedness can be symptom of low blood pressure as well.

It's good to be fairly active - take it easy around stairs if you're feeling lightheaded.

About the steri strips - if they come off after the shower as your medical team advised, fine, but don't try to pull. Subsequent bandaging should not be necessary unless your medical team advises it. 

Best wishes to you as you recover. Take care.



by doublehorn48 - 2023-02-25 17:08:39

If you still have swelling 9 days out I would ease up on the upper body activity. Using the other arm will still have an effect on the other side, to a certain degree. My strips have always taken a while to loosen up. And showers help. Your body has gone through some trama it will take some time to get back to normal. 


by Lavender - 2023-02-25 17:15:28

So sorry to read this. You must be starting to feel a bit anxious too given that you're told all is well, but you're not feeling it. That can raise your heart rate. 

It is early in healing. I felt odd sensations, biting sensation, sore shoulder and arm, woozy a couple times during the first seven months after getting a pacemaker. I also had heaviness in my throat too. 

Yes you can be overdoing it. Rest. Listen to your body. 

No other dressing was ever put on my incision once the steri strips came off. Some doctors have a product that dissolves the glue but be sure not to try this on your own. I was given a small packet of it when I left the hospital. 

As said-dehydration comes fast while healing. 
Hope things improve soon!  Be good to yourself. 

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