Swelling with antibiotic envelope



Had a new pacemaker installed two days ago. This is my third device, but my first to be implanted in an antibiotic envelope.  The site seems significantly more swollen than I remember either of the 2 previous implant sites being.  The nurse did mention the swelling would be greater this time because of the envelope, which will dissolve slowly over time. Has anyone else had experience with this?  Thanks for reading!  - Matt 


Antibiotic envelope

by Aberdeen - 2023-02-22 03:48:30


My pacemaker was implanted in an antibiotic envelope also. Coincidentally it was my third pacemaker operation. It was slightly more swollen but as with the other operations the swelling goes down in time.I am very appreciative of the NHS as I think the antibiotic envelope costs a few hundred pounds! 

antibiotic envelope

by Perplexed Pacer - 2023-02-22 14:53:20



Thank you for commenting.  The site is still pretty swollen, but otherwise looks fine and I feel good.   I guess I just need to be a little patient.  This is the first time I have had a device replaced without also needing to add at least one lead.  The previous 2 times I was always worried about pulling a lead initially.  I am very greatful for this technology and fortunate to have good health insurance.  Thanks again for replying.  -Matt

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