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Hi fellow Pacemakers...I have finally managed to get 9 so far...I had thought I was getting better as really only had minor symptons.Today I woke up chesty with a productive cough. It was a bit of a surprise as I had been progressing well. My heart rate PM has been very good at 58 and now shot up to 70, BP is up as well....feeling ok just a little nervous about the next stage.Any advice out there from fellow sufferers..? Thnks Dave



by AgentX86 - 2023-02-20 16:32:51

I had a pretty light case but had a cough for a couple of weeks.  My wife had it just a little worse but the cough lasted eight weeks, or so.  When she gets any respiratory infection, she goes straight to bronchitus so it wasn't unexpected that it would take her a while.

My suggestion, suffer a little more.  You're getting there.  If you really want to suffer, watch daytime TV until you're better.

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by Penguin - 2023-02-20 17:12:33


It's hard to tell what's going on with the course of your Covid symptoms as there are so many different experiences out there. I've heard others say that they felt better then worse again.  This may be pretty common.  

I see from your past posts that you have a low EF and asthma.  They're both red flags for Covid risks as far as I know.  With this history I'd check out the cough and get some medical advice.  If you need a bit more help it might be sensible to get some help / professional advice earlier rather than later. 

I hope you get this sorted. 



re covid

by blowhard - 2023-02-21 02:06:46

thnks, good points fellas...!

re covid

by blowhard - 2023-02-21 02:09:12

Meant to say my EF is up now around 45, and my asthma well controlled, the covid came along as a blip and just dealing with the reality of halting all my sports and music plans till I am clean again!

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