Dizziness and Exhaustion from playing 2 hours of tennis

I have an Abbott labs 2 lead PM2272 Pacemaker inserted in Nov 2021. At the time I was experiencing low heartbeats,  The oacemaker kept it a base of 70.

Within the past several months I started experiencing panting when I warmed on for tennis.  Then I could play for an hour or so without any problems.  Then I would get very lightheaded causing me to act somewhat like a zombie.  Usually after 1.5 hours I would suddenly get very exhausted.  I would complain that my heart was not keeping up with the activity on the court.

My pacemaker was adjuste ( it took 3 attempts) and the first time back playing after a 3 month respite was without much problem.  However, the next two times, about a week apart, resulted in the same dizziness and exhaustion.  The lightheadness was now more dizziness.  In the past 2 hours of tennis, both singles and doubles, would result in tiredness which was to be expected.

1.  Do pacemakers (at least the one I have) allow the heart to adjust propery when playing a sport like tennis?  That means both beating faster and going slower depending upon the activity?

2.  Should I get a 2nd opinion from a different group of pacemaker docs?

3.  Should I have a different pacemaker inserted which would handle the tennis situation better?

I iwould appreciate help from anyone that may have had a similar problem playing tennis.

Thanks very much.






by AgentX86 - 2023-02-20 16:40:59

Don't quote me but these symptoms sound a lot like dehydration. Are you drinking a lot of water? Replacing electrolyes?


by Hbcapital - 2023-02-20 19:32:58

I had similar symptoms while playing tennis and after my doctor saw that I had a low resting heart rate (bradycardia), I had a pacemaker installed April 2022. I still experienced some dizziness while playing tennis. I went to an ENT doctor to see if I might have an ear infection, which I did not have.  They gave me a videonystagmography (VNG) test uses a special set of goggles with a camera to record your eye movements. I had an abnormal saccades, which means I had some trouble following the movement of the tennis ball, which caused dizziness.  After performing some simple eye centering exercises, I was cured and have had no problems since.

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