Third unit Nov 21 last year. Reason for the first, 21 years ago, was that my pulse went down to about 40 BPM. My opinion of why, is from taking med for BP and irregurar beats for years called verapamil.

Now, the pulse is aound 40-50. They won't replace the old leads because of my age and the danger of bleeding. One of the two leads is causing "noise" when testing. I've gotten no satisfying answers from the electrophysiologist or my cardiologist as to why the pulse is so low. they just ask me if I've fainted. Answer is no. (I wouldn't have fainted anyway. I'm a guy so i would just have passed out...LOL) Wouldn't the unit be set at at least 60? have any of you had this problem or heard of it?...Thanks


Hi ya

by Lavender - 2023-02-19 20:21:09

Mine is set at 60-130. 
Ask if you can get yours set to 60.

Lol at fainting being a female thing and passing out being male. I use both terms and have done both. What about syncope🤣as a one size fits all?

Pulse 40-50

by AgentX86 - 2023-02-19 21:33:50

There is no good reason your pulse should be less than the set minimum rate.  I can't imagine it being set to 40. I'm set to 50 at night but I sure wouldn't want to be there all the time. 

There could be PVCs in there hiding some pulses but with that many, you'd feel it.  Your doctors would notice them  too.

If you can't get better answers our of your current doctors, I think I'd ask for a second opinion. Doctors should always answer questions to your satisfaction.  If they don't know, fine, find one who does.


by Tracey_E - 2023-02-19 21:46:41

How are you counting 40-50? A lot of monitors don't work well with the pacer. When we count ourselves, we sometimes miss smaller beats between the strong beats. 

Could your lower limit be 50?

It's normal to be close to but not exactly at the lower limit. A few beats off is acceptable. 

Verapamil can bring your rate down but if you stopped taking it, it should go back up again. 

If one of the leads is bad and they don't want to extract, is there room to add another lead? That's what I did. They did a venogram- iv with dye in the cath lab- to confirm there was room. 

Slow pulse with pacemaker

by piglet22 - 2023-02-20 09:44:02

I'm getting this right now with my second PM.

11 years on the first and 7 years on the second.

I can go down to 31 BPM with the PM and feel lousy. I pick it up with the pure sensation, plus radial pulse and on an oximeter and Omron BP monitor. The PM is set to 60 BPM minimum.

Nearly 5 weeks on and I'm getting no help from the cardiology department.

I've only spoken to them on the phone and they dismissed my readings. They haven't offered to check it.

They let the first PM fail and I've got zero confidence in them.

I'm having to deal with through my GP. It's not their job to do it.

Something isn't right and I want answers from the specialists.

Medtronics Endura dual chamber DDDR mode IPG rate 60 BPM, just over 7 years old.

Medtronics MyCareLink bedside monitor.

First bedside monitor failed just over a year old.

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