Racing car

I have had a birthday treat from my husband and wonder if it will be safe to go in 4 racing cars, 2 laps each with a pacemaker. I am also on blood thinners. Would appreciate any comments. 



by docklock - 2023-02-16 18:52:34

Lots of variables here.
How long ago was implant?

Will the safety harness be pushing directly on PM?

In the possible event of a collision, think about your blood thinner  

Will you have to climb in thru a roll cage or is there an opening door?? 

Not my business to know the answers, just thinking. 


Can I come? ;)

by LondonAndy - 2023-02-17 15:51:54

Yes, as Angry Sparrow says: a great gift. I'm on "blood thinners" too (Warfarin), and whilst there is a small risk of increased bleeding, when they replaced my pacemaker last October they didn't want me to stop taking the medication and cut me open, rummaged around for the device and all was absolutely fine - no excess bleeding! If you have a bad bump and bruise, monitor it and if it continues to grow in size then get it checked out. 

If you're thinking about risks from magnetic interference, you should probably ask the organisers about that as you may be quite close to the motor and electrical systems. However, your profile doesn't say how dependent you are on your pacemaker, and remember that any interference only lasts whilst you are close to the cause. So I would say check if you will be able to switch the engine off if feeling weird. If you are not 100% dependent then you may not even notice any interference. Consider sitting in the vehicle with the engine running for a minute or two before you drive off, as any problem would be likely to be seen then and you can stop it easily.

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