Possible Allergy to Leads

I am needing a pacemaker, but I had a pain device implanted in my back 2 years ago that had to come out after 6 months because the incisions were not healing.  My doctor said I was rejecting the leads on the device.  I have contacted Boston Scientifc, but they will not tell me which leads were on my particular device (sillicone or polyurethane) just that it was either or.  I have not found an allergist who will test for these materials and do not want to have the same sitation with the pacemaker.  I understand that this rejection/allergy is rare, but it did happen to me.  Any advise?



by new to pace.... - 2023-02-06 18:45:28

You might take a blood test for those.  Allergerist do not do them.  The one i like is ALCAt there are many different companies  out there.  I took one before my shoulder surgery as wanted to make sure they did not give me something i could not tolerate.  Ended up using that info for the pacemaker which i got first.  Go on line and look for the different companies and where you can get them. 

new to pace

Leadless device

by Penguin - 2023-02-06 18:46:07

Hi Shelby, 

I'm sorry to hear about these allergies and that you have pain at a level which requires an implanted device. How do you manage the pain now?  I ask because some medications used for pain can lower heart rate and cause pauses particularly at higher doses.  I'm sure your doctor's considered this but if discontinuing or replacing pain meds is an option, it might be worth exploring with your doctor. 

You don't say why you need a pacemaker but there are now pacemakers without leads. I don't know very much about them or which conditions they are implanted for, but we get quite a few people on here coming through with Qs about them and they are being implanted although the technology is fairly new and possibly still experimental to some degree*

*Check this as I'm unsure on current status.

Btw all of the main manufacturers can provide leads. It may be worth asking your EP about the material used by each manufacturer. It may well be the same coating used by everyone, but you never know?

Also leads do not have to be matched to the device => a Boston Scientific device could have Medtronic leads for example, so you can swap things around if that helps.

I understand your reticence but might be worth persisting and finding out a bit more.

Possible Allergy to Leads

by ShelbyB - 2023-02-06 18:57:23

Thank you!  I am not on any pain medications.  Just tolerating with exericse.  I am needing the pacemaker for slow heart beat.  I have had this for years, but am now having symptons from it.  

Thanks for Info Shelby!

by Penguin - 2023-02-06 19:02:01

Thanks for clearing that up Shelby. I understand better now.  Sorry to hear about the slow heart beat. 

As suggested by New to Pace, have a think about allergy testing.  That sounds like a good suggestion as you already have some idea that it's caused by one of these two coatings.  If you could eliminate one, that might provide some hope. 

Best Wishes

allergies and leads

by Tracey_E - 2023-02-07 09:27:07

Very few of us qualify for the leadless, but it's worth asking. 

Your surgeon should be able to ge a straight answer about the material of the leads. 

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