Built in settings turned off

Posted a little while ago re new PM making me feel worse especially when exercising. 
After some advice from Biotronik a couple of pre programmed settings have been turned off. 
As I get some AT I'm slightly limited in upper rate and tracking. The new device was putting me into 2:1 block when I hit 120 bpm and also seemed to be self adjusting at random times. It does a self check at midnight which I feel if awake. 
so it's wait and see how I go, if no real improvement it's an appoint with the consultant. I'm reluctant to up my beta blocker as they make you feel so sluggish. Low dose now but have been on higher in the past and felt rubbish. 
I mentioned that I was getting funny feelings occasionally under my left bust as though I was feeling the pacing output, however nothing showed up and values are same as old device. 
But to add insult to injury I'm potentially subclinicaly hypothyroid. No symptoms ( though what is menopause,old age 😂) have been monitored and TSH has gone up FT4 & T3 in range the former has been at bottom end , also have antibodies. Anyone similar and did you start thyroxine. GP agreed to wait until I got setting adjusted then we'll re check my bloods. 
Wondered if co incidentally that's been going on in the back ground and has possiblely had an effect on my heart. 
Thank you all once again. X


Which settings were turned off ?

by Gemita - 2023-02-06 14:40:01

Jane, a difficult decision whether or not to treat subclinical thyroid problems.  I have been subclinically hypothyroid for as long as I can remember but not enough to treat, whereas my husband is subclinically “hyperthyroid” and because of his low TSH, they are treating him.  And yes, thyroid problems can indeed increase the risk for arrhythmias. 

Yes I get those awful symptoms of 2:1 block when my pacemaker decides to Mode Switch me, so as not to track my fast atrial arrhythmias, but that feeling is truly awful I know.  Of course the cure is to get those nasty tachy arrhythmias under better control.  A very low dose beta blocker (Bisoprolol) helps me achieve this without the symptoms of higher doses.  Sometimes trialling different meds until you find one that suits, can help.

I am so sorry your new pacemaker is making you feel worse.  That is so disappointing and concerning and I can imagine you want this sorted quickly. Could you kindly tell me which pre programmed settings have been turned off and have you noticed any improvements?  

I get some muscle stimulation in the diaphragm area at night.  Have had it since my pacemaker was implanted.  Perhaps you could ask them to check your lead settings again particularly the paced/sensed polarity setting - Is it Bipolar or Unipolar?  Mine are Bipolar for both atrial and ventricle leads.  Unipolar mode can cause twitching

Will ask

by Jane S - 2023-02-06 16:27:40

Thank you Gemita, such a quick response. 
I didn't ask what was getting changed as she was concentrating and hadn't wanted to interrupt. I'll ask when I next speak with her.. just had appointment this morning  

I take 2.5mg of bisoporol which has suited me really well as I have unfortunately not taken well to other meds. 
Leads are bio polar , hopefully the diaphragm pacing will settle, it was more when I was exercising and maxing out. 

patience is a virtue .

many thanks 


AT - Limited in rate and tracking

by Penguin - 2023-02-06 18:54:26

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your post.

Personal request - I wondered if you'd mind explaining what you meant by 'as I get AT I'm slightly limited in rate and tracking'.  

Best Wishes

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