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Hi has anyone had issues with phone dropping out ? I am not sure what is causing the problem I brought a new apple 13mini in March 2022 and have had problems with it has been back to be tested all good 

Could it be the pacemaker ? 





Have you checked with your internet provider too?

by Gemita - 2023-02-06 12:49:44


There are several members to my knowledge with iPhones that have charging magnets that could potentially interfere with their implanted devices but this only appears to be a risk when the iPhone is placed in close proximity, like in a breast pocket, directly over our pacing device.  Please see the attached link which will be relevant for the iPhone 12 and later models.  The Conclusion was:-

"The existing recommendation to not put smartphones in a breast pocket on top of a CIED device is reasonable. However, the recommendation to maintain a 15-cm gap between the iPhone 12 and the CIED generator is not necessary and may cause unwarranted concerns. As the number of consumer electronic devices with built-in magnets is expected to increase over time, we endorse a commitment for the manufacturers of consumer electronic devices to provide clear information on the magnet field strength of their products and advocate for standardization of the magnet-sensitive switch activation threshold in CIEDs .1 mT.  Ideally, individual testing of CIEDs in patients for magnetic interference with their consumer electronic devices should be performed".

Nothing has been reported to my knowledge of iPhones “dropping out” with a pacemaker Janet.   I suppose I should ask whether you have noticed any pacing problems at the time your phone loses its signal?  Clearly your new iPhone has been tested and seems to be working well.  I would check with your internet/phone provider as well if you haven’t already done so.

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