No strenuous exercise…

Unsure if this post makes any sense to post but I will out of curiousity to know if anyone else has been told the same thing...

I have a complete heart block with some history of AF and some fast he at racing beats in the past. My first AF was because of a thyroid issue that got healed naturally ironically. And the second issue with my heart rate was due to Lyme disease which was treated and I no longer have those symptoms. It's been almost 1 1/2 years... 

and my cardiologist always suggest I go on walks and stay active but doesn't encourage to do anything strenuous. 

I have a complete heart block for 35 years. 

I am 39 years old... and live a normal life. I stay away from anything strenuous that might encourage "out of breath symptoms" or weird heart beats. 

But I wonder how my future will be like. Anyone have doctors tell them the same as me? 


You are too young to be restricted

by Gemita - 2023-02-05 12:07:28

Hello Nina, I am considerably older than you and I certainly haven’t been told to slow down or to avoid exercising strenuously in order “to prevent” something from happening, like out of breath symptoms or triggering irregular heartbeats.  

Arrhythmias can happen, but I certainly wouldn't stop exerting myself for fear of triggering uncomfortable symptoms, although I would try not to push through difficult symptoms like chest pain for example and I would certainly listen to my body if I became breathless during exercise.  

I am no longer afraid of my symptoms during weird heartbeats, since I have been told my heart chambers are not enlarged and that despite my paroxysmal AF, my heart is healthy. I exert myself when needed and only slow down when I feel my symptoms are causing difficulties.  

I think you should have another chat with your doctors and ask why you should avoid strenuous activities.  Has he seen something that he is not telling you about, or is he trying to keep you arrhythmia free?  But at your age, I don’t see why you should be restricted in any way?

Lyme Disease

by Penguin - 2023-02-05 13:15:48

Hi Nina, 

It does seem a bid odd and I'm sorry but I have no answers from a position of any personal knowledge, but I googled Lyme Disease and found this US website which seemed to be quite a reliable information source.

The part that interested me was the post treatment complications which some people suffer from which seem to cause an auto-immune response. I can only think that your doctor wanted to protect you from any long term auto-immune reactions due to the severity of your lyme disease (affecting your heart) and therefore advised that you treat yourself gently.  

How badly did you have Lyme Disease? 

I'd go back to your doctor and ask him if you need to continue being cautious and see if he can explain some more.  I can only guess.


Strenuous Exercise

by SDC63 - 2023-02-05 15:35:31

I'm 59 and extremely active for my age. I was running with my dog when the 3rd degree heart block hit me and my HR went to 17 bpm in the ambulance. I began activity gradually. I'm still cautious, but increasing the exercise and activity each week. This includes weights, brisk walking, stationary bike etc. I'm going on 8 weeks since the implant and haven't been told not to exercise, just take it easy for a while.That said, the EP / cardio doc said he wants an MRI of my heart for structural view and baseline. That should be fun since they need to make adjustments to the pacemaker when in the MRI. Sorry to rant. Your cardiologist should tell you the rules though.

Too strenuous?

by AgentX86 - 2023-02-05 22:21:04

Unless there is some structural heart issue, I don't understand it either.  IMO, it's time to ask "Why?". The block or pacemaker aren't enough to limit activity.

Your maximum heart rate setting might be a clue but ask. It's something that he should have explained why, when he said it. 

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