Recent heart dance was not Afib

For those who followed my post wondering if I had an A fib event-I'm happy to report it was not an arrhythmia!

My new cardiologist's PA called me today while their pacemaker rep was in the office. They both spoke with me and instructed me to send a transmission from my Latitude Communicator. They hadn't received a transmission since December 31. 

Having never tried sending one before, I pushed the little heart button. I found out you do not hold it in. It's a quick door bell ring maneuver. It didn't transmit-which led me to call the company.  I found out that you can't transmit while being too close to the communicator while holding a cell phone! You need to put the cell on speaker and step back a little more. 

Upon the second try, we got it to transmit. How incredibly cool that here I am at home, and that little machine checks my pacemaker and sends a report right to my cardiologist!  In moments, the PA called me. She said that there were no arrhythmia/Afib events! She said there were faster heartbeats recorded during that time of my jumpy heart sensations. She said it could have been stress related. Totally understandable given my week of craziness at that time. 

(I asked her about the honey and whether consuming raw honey could've caused this. She said it's an unknown.) 

In any case I am so relieved! Whew! I'm still not eating that honey🤣


Reassuring news

by Gemita - 2023-01-30 14:08:26

So you are not an Afibber dear Lavender.  You disappoint me!  

Seriously though, that is absolutely wonderful news.  What I am most pleased about is that they have confirmed there were faster heartbeats recorded during the time of your jumpy heart sensations (symptoms) and that they could have been stress related.  

You clearly felt your palpitations (indicating that you were symptomatic at the time) and they have now correlated your symptoms to the faster heartbeats that you were experiencing.   That is success indeed for you and your team.  How often do we get a clear diagnosis like this and much better than getting a comment like “there were no events seen” which would have left us scratching our heads and still looking for answers.

Of course you are relieved.  Now go and celebrate but perhaps not with the raw honey . . .

Great News!

by Good Dog - 2023-01-30 14:42:32

Great News!


Enough said...........



by Lavender - 2023-01-30 14:43:43

Gemita-you're quite the comedienne! Lol!

Never heard the term Afibber-😆henceforth I will think of that. A. Fibber. Sounds like one of those funny grave names like:

Art U. Next

Barry DaLive

Berry D. Hatchet

And no, I won't celebrate with a dollop of raw honey😵‍💫🤣

A fib is no laughing matter though. The PA said even one episode would lead them to investigate further to see if other treatment may be in order.

I'm so happy to know that they actually did see my heart acting out of my norm. Also!! The PA was so kind and understanding, not rushing me and very interested in what was going on. What a beautiful change from the former cardiac nurse -who left the practice-she erroneously told me more than once that my fainting was not caused by my heart! In fact she said my insurance would only pay for a one day monitor which didn't pick up the ventricular standstill. 

Meanwhile, when I continued to faint prior to the pacemaker needed diagnosis, a neurologist actually insisted that I get my pcp to order the thirty day heart monitoring. THAT found my deadly problem in ten days! Neurologist to pcp when the cardiologist office failed to order further monitoring 😬 insane in the membrane!

So it's very comforting having a new medical staff on my case now!

yep Dave...perfectly put!💗

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