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This post is actually very hard for me but here we go. I am a 41 year old female and in August 2022, I had cardiac arrest which required CPR and an AED machine to revive me. After a week in the hospital I had no diagnosis.  Everyone was cracking their heads. I was told that I had gone through stress enduced trama that cause me to pass out which caused me to go into cardiac arrest.  I have absolutely no health issues what so ever.  I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time which is why I am able to discuss this with you today. However I may not be so lucky if it happens again and without any issues doctors can't prevent it from happening again.  My cardiologist said the only peace of mind he could give me was to insert a pacemaker/defibrillator combo so that way if it happens again the device will kick in. I am 5 months in and please do not get me wrong I am grateful to be here to tell my story, however I absolutely hate the pacemaker.  The constant soreness, the self checks, and the meds.   I am scheduled to go see a therapist, which my cardiologist recommended.  I would like to know if anyone else is like me.  No diagnosis, no heart issues but has a pacemaker as a safety net.  



by Old male - 2023-01-22 00:05:10

I suspect you may have an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) and not a Pacemaker.  After 5 months you should not be experiencing any lingering effects from the initial implant.  Hope you can get that worked out and get to the point where most of us forget we have a life saving device and go about normal daily life. I didn't have cardiac arrest but had symptoms that follow up tests indicated the need for an ICD.  Life went along as normal and I began to question if I had really needed the device. It has since saved me twice from possible cardiac arrest and possible death.  Be glad for the technology of today's medical treatments.... Just might save your life.


by new to pace.... - 2023-01-22 07:40:11

You are lucky that you have this device just in case.  My sister saw stars while driving her husband to his cardio rehab.  Got inside the building than passed out.  Checked her for stroke, nothing.  Than tranported her to the hospital , where like you went through many tests.  Could not  find anything, told her after her discharge to see a neurologist for more tests.  Again could not find anything.  Then  one of the dr.'s decided she had an epileptic attack.  Now she is on low dose epiletic medication and not driving.

My other sister and i agree that what she had was stress related.  As she has been her husbands care giver since 2007.

new to pace

I know what you mean

by Lisa Michelle - 2023-01-24 03:42:03

I also have a heart problem which came on suddenly with no prior background. It's likely from Covid, still checking. Anyway, I know how upsetting it can be and as much as I am so grateful to be alive, it's a loss of who I was previously and I am still coming to terms with the new change. My work as a tour guide involves walking long distances and many stairs and I need to keep up with my tourists. I am back to work, but not able to keep up as I could before which can be embarrassing, frustrating and concerning. It's ok and healthy to feel down about this. I think it's important to allow the space to feel upset and then to try to move forward. I am trying to look at the new limitations as helping me to look in new directions both in terms of new routes with less stairs which are also interesting for tourists or even new job opportunities where I could use my knowledge without having to chase after families with teens upstairs :-). Some pretty medical ID jewelry and new watch and rings to match helped a bit too - shopping therapy. Hang in there.



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