update to my resolutions and blood test

Because of the cooler temperatures in Florida this morning.  Was unable to get the Reuben i wanted.  Instead went to a local deli and purchased Ratatouille( a stack of slices of tomato, yellow squash, zucchinni, and eggplant in a tomato sauce).  Which i then put a couple of slices of each on rye bread with swiss cheese and saurkraut.  warmed in oven, quite testy. First time in 15 days that i have eaten any of this. Will see if this has affected the A-Fib at all this next quarter test on March 21st.

Ate the rest of the Ratatouille for supper must have been cooked in canola oil as i had got cold than a nice hard nap for about 15minutes.

My acupuncturist is able to get the blood test i like to take before the yearly one the GP does.  At a lower cost.  She also likes to see how the C-Reactive Protein Cardiac  does. This time it is higher than the one done in Aug.  Said she has other clients with the same problem.  When i see her next will talk supplements.  I know supplements are not for everyone, they work for me.  Took the Red Rice yeast one an it has lowered by cholesterol from 245 to 197 which is finally in range.

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by Good Dog - 2023-01-16 17:03:36

Not sure about supplements, but after eating that sandwich I would suggest a 20 mg pepsid (Famotidine). Should have taken that "BEFORE" eating the sandwich.


by new to pace.... - 2023-01-16 17:11:21

Before i ate took a Turmeric supplement, with my food took a Gluten Enyzme, with the food took 2 Lactaid tablets and 2 Beanos.  Then after another Gluten and 2 more Beanos.  So far no reactions. Generally nap after eating wheat.

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CR Protein blood test, diet and AF

by Gemita - 2023-01-18 05:12:58

Hello New to Pace,

It would be interesting to know what your CR Protein blood test level has increased to and whether this could be related to diet or to supplements and therefore of little consequence?  Blood test results can be variable and affected by many environmental factors.  Nonetheless, I am aware that high levels of CR Protein in the blood can spell problems like an infection or inflammation which of course would adversely affect us, so it needs to be watched closely.

I will be very interested to learn New to Pace whether your recent food intake will have any impact on your arrhythmia burden but your treats sounded delicious and the colours of the food must have been amazing!  You certainly have variety in your diet.

Thank you so much for the update.  It is important that we continue to monitor ourselves, since AF is all about finding our triggers too and trying to eliminate them.  Doctors can only do so much to help us.  Most of the time it is what we can do for ourselves that really counts and I can see you are really trying to find the best way to live your life and to improve your heart condition.  

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by new to pace.... - 2023-01-18 06:38:11

Thank Gemita for responding with your informative answers and more questions.

 This time the results are 3.06 and in August /24/2022  was 2.20.  The range is 0.00-3.00.  The report  goes on to state the "relative Risk for future  Cardiovascular events" . "Low Risk" <1.00,   "Average Risk"1.00-3.00. "high Risk" >3.00.

LDL is also high at 117 range of 0-99.

Will be seeing the Doctor next week to go over what i can do .

Mean while am taking another Food Sensivity Test.  Rather than keep a daily food journal.

Another test i took was the "Ferritin" where the range for that one is 15-150.  Mine was 200 this time and in Aug was 143.  

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C-reactive protein (CRP) and other blood tests

by Gemita - 2023-01-18 09:09:43

Hello New to Pace,

Thank you for all those reference ranges.   It is difficult to know the significance of them for you personally without doing a thorough check on your general health and to follow up on any worrisome findings. 

Of course with a blood reference range, many of us may be close to either the lower or higher end levels and not have any significant disease.  In any event reference ranges may differ between laboratories, so that is another thing to take into consideration.  But you are correct in saying that you are at the higher end of the range for heart disease risk with the sensitive CRP test you have had done.  But age alone can be a risk factor too, and none of us can do anything about that, so please try not to worry.

So you will need to ask your doctors what the significance of your higher values are for you personally.  For example after a procedure like a pacemaker implant or other invasive procedure, they found my CRP level and other blood checks abnormally high or low in some cases and told me this was to be expected after any trauma to our body, but of course there may have been other traumas not related to your investigations and so blood abnormalities may be the first indication of a problem.

Will you please let us know what your doctors tell you and whether you will need to take any further action to protect yourself?  That would be so helpful.  I note that your bad cholesterol levels are on the high side too and this type of cholesterol can build up causing plaque.  However from your recent PET Scan, your heart and arteries looked so very healthy.  Your Ferritin test levels have risen too, so clearly you need some answers New to Pace, but I wouldn’t start worrying unduly because you seem to be otherwise extremely well and active in body and mind.  You are living proof that you know what is best for you, although these little hurdles may be gentle reminders that we could still do better.


by new to pace.... - 2023-01-18 09:24:09

Thanks again Gemita. I know the bad is  still high  range 0-99. When i started with the Red Rice Yeast i was at 245.

Wish labs would all have the same range.  Makes life more complicated.  When i was checking the SED rate one lab had me just out of range the other  lab had me  in range.

See the doctor on tuesday will know then.

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by Penguin - 2023-01-18 13:10:48

Hi NewtoPace,

Firstly I know nothing at all about food sensitivity and arrhythmia - sorry!

However, I like the sound of your diet - and envy your Florida weather. It's truly freezing here and we had flooding last week!  

Re: Ferritin - You might be interested in what I was told about raised ferritin a while ago.  

I was told that raised ferritin can be a commonfinding when testing for a number of conditions. and can be caused by infection or inflammation or something you ate or drank. 

CRP testing eliminates or confirms inflammation / infection as the cause of raised ferritin 

Fasting tests for ferritin are most reliable. Alcohol & red meat drunk or eaten the night before or fortified breakfast cereals with added iron before morning blood tests can influence results.  

 This makes it quite a confusing result and one to discuss with the doctor. 

Hope this helps a bit. 



by new to pace.... - 2023-01-18 14:46:47

Thanks, Penquin.  as  to the food that may or might cause Afib, my cardiologist  said  these food can or might  cause A-Fib; processed foods, aged cheeses, fermented foods, chocolate.

Food sensitivy is not the same as an allerigic reaction.  For me certain foods cause me to either chill down and then take a sudden nap.  Wake up with super energy    This has been going on most of my adult life.  Have only come to understand this   in the past 18 years.   Now i eat 2 hours before going out in case i react to something. 

Which is why I take a food sensitivy blood test every couple of years to make sure am on the right track.  That along with the Preservatives , antibiotic/inflammatory agents, food aditives/colorings/environmental chem(which i took just before) my pacemaker implant in  2019.  Then i found out was allergic to the glue the EP used to close the incision.  if you want more on this subject do PM me.

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