Weird zap sensation

Hello I never ever experience this before ..I was driving and I felt this 2 or 3 short sensation inside my heart like a zap sensation like sharp pain felt like palpitations hope you can understand me ..could it be my pacemaker working wires ? Or ?? I had ablation study a few weeks ago can cables get damage 


Pain / Palpitations

by Penguin - 2023-01-13 08:17:20

Hi Cadaverock, 

I always get new symptoms after procedures - it's disconcerting isn't it.  

I don't know about wires / cables etc or what happened during the ablation. Only your EP can answer that one.

However, you describe quite a few different sensations and some of these might be explainable as:  

Palpitations - Did this feel like your arrhythmia? 

If the zaps immediately following the palpitations this could be the device delivering it's charge to deal with them. Ventricular pacing can be felt as a run of electrical zaps when the device deals with arrhythmia.  They shouldn't be painful but they are noticeable. They feel 'prickly'. Sharp pain is unusual. 

Remote Monitoring?

If you have remote monitoring you could telephone the office who produce your reports and ask them to look at what was going on when the zaps occurred.  Tell them when the zaps happened (date / time) if you have this information. 

I hope this helps a little. 


Sharp pain

by Luckyman2021 - 2023-01-17 13:35:47

Hi there just reading your comment's i have hade my pacemaker icd for 18 months now all ok toch wood 🪵 last week i got a sharp pain right out of the blue only one i said to myself what was that its hard to put it all together . Only had it once so this has helped me thanks for the information 💔

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